NMSU Business Outlook: March 2015

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Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Critical Marketing, Future Studies and Re-imagining Marketing

Ms. Alena Kostyk, NMSU; Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU

During the previous two decades, critical marketing studies have become increasingly popular among marketing academicians. These studies question traditional managerial theory and practice.

Complete Article: Critical Marketing, Future Studies and Re-imagining Marketing

The Story Plan: Often Neglected

Dr. Robin T. Peterson, NMSU

A story plan is (1) an outline of objectives for a sales presentation and (2) how the sales representative hopes to attain these objectives. It is general in scope and allows sales representatives flexibility and the ability to develop a presentation appropriate for the situation. Plans range from a scrap of paper listing various points to a formal document.

Complete Article: The Story Plan: Often Neglected

The Marketing Mix and the Political Marketplace

Dr. Grant C. Aguirre, University of Central Oklahoma; Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU

The marketing mix (in a slightly modified form) is a useful framework for voters, politicians, and scholars to think about political campaigns. As politicians increasingly rely on campaign “experts” (political marketers), voters must increase their sensitivity to the techniques for marketing politicians’ election campaigns, policy proposals, initiatives, and referenda.

Complete Article: The Marketing Mix and the Political Marketplace

Marketing Research Tutorial

What is Marketing Research? (Part 2)

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU; Dr. Jeremy J. Sierra, Texas State University

Marketing research is more than those annoying people who call you during dinner and ask you a series of questions. It also is more than those oddly cheerful people at the mall — with a clipboard in one hand and a pencil in the other hand — who want to ask you innumerable questions rather than let you shop.

Complete Article: What is Marketing Research? (Part 2)

Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

Energy prices continue to fall down approximately 50 percent over the last year. Meanwhile, the Legislature is looking for $101 million in “missing” money.

Complete Article: Talking Points

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