NMSU Business Outlook: May 2012

Deception as Strategy

Isaac Wanasika, Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado and Terry Adler, Associate Professor, New Mexico State University

Strategic deception refers to strategic actions aimed at misleading rivals from the true strategic intent of the firm or the environment. The extent and nature of deception may vary from simple concealment of trivial information to outright lies and disinformation. Deceptive strategies may range from perfectly legal competitive strategies to illegal practices of lying to gain an advantage. Senior corporate executives are responsible for strategic decisions within their firms, including strategic deception. The strategic leadership literature indicates that firm strategies reflect the key senior corporate executives who make deceptive strategic choices. Consequently, a firm’s strategic choices are best understood by evaluating top executives’ behavioral orientations, decision-making processes, and organizational context.

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Supervisor Support for a Change Initiative

Steven M. Elias and Rakesh Mittal, New Mexico State University

Virtually every organization will experience development and change at one time or another. As a consequence, an extensive body of literature dedicated to organizational change has developed that focuses on organizational level impact of change. Yet, there remains a void in this literature: a lack of study into the effect of change on people within the organization. This is unfortunate, as failure to attend to employees’ psychological needs during implementation of a change initiative can cause the change initiative to fail. To help fill this void in the literature, we sampled law enforcement officers employed in police departments across the USA.

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

Las Cruces put in a good month, with employment growth at more than 1 percent according to the household and the establishment surveys. If this growth rate persists, it means that the City’s economy has returned to its pre-recession pace. Statewide, employment growth remains sluggish, at less than 1 percent. Meanwhile, natural gas prices have fallen below $2 per mmBTU.

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