NMSU Business Outlook: May 2013

The Effect of Liberalization on Banking Efficiency in Mexico

Violeta Diaz, NMSU

In the last two decades, financial systems in many developing countries became globalized. Mexico provides a clear example of how globalization can change the financial structure of a country. In the mid-1980’s, Mexico changed from a closed economy to an open one. The consequences of this change reached its banking sector. During the 1990’s, the banking sector was privatized after being nationalized by the government in 1982. During the mid-1990’s, coinciding with the beginning of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Mexican government lifted restrictions on the operations of foreign banks.

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Estimating Occupancy in Large Landscapes

William Gould, NMSU

The status of amphibian populations provides one measure for evaluating ecological integrity on management units such as National Parks. Given there sensitivity to environmental degradation, amphibians serve as the canary in the coalmine. Many amphibian species of the western U.S., excepting local endemics, were regarded as widespread and common until the latter part of the 20th century. This view has been altered given rapid amphibian population declines and range constrictions. Habitat loss, fragmentation and disease are among the culprits for observed losses, but declining populations have also been observed in landscapes considered protected from environmental degradation.

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson

New Mexico continues to see expansion of employment growth, ending a recession that plagued the state last year. Las Cruces economic activity is more mixed. Employment grew according to the household survey, but fell according to the establishment survey.

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