NMSU Business Outlook: November 2012

New Mexico Export Future: Running Against the Odds?

Miguel Vicens, NMSU Doctor of Economic Development Program

New Mexico is among 20 landlocked states in the United States. One may think that the “adverse” condition of having no coast or easy access to transportation systems to foreign countries would limit the ability of New Mexico to export. This may be a factor; however, other landlocked states have increased their exports to the rest of the world-including Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Tennessee, Nevada, and Kansas, among others. Rather than focusing on geographic location there are other factors that deserve attention and can actually be changed.

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A Brief History of Tribal Law and Policy

Gavin Clarkson, Department of Finance

That Indian country remains under developed is not just bad luck but the outcome of systematic policies adopted by the Federal government. These restrictions on tribal economic development are not new and trace back to the origins of the United States itself. The legal principles that existed when Europeans first made contact with the Indians had their origins in legal theories developed to justify the Crusades. These principles have continued to develop up to the present day.

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson

Statewide employment declined 1.1 percent compared to a year previous according to the establishment survey. The state ranked 49th out of 50 states, beating only West Virginia in job growth. Las Cruces also suffered job decline, losing a jaw dropping 2.1 percent.

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