NMSU Business Outlook: October 2015

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Here are two possibilities for further achieving this goal. First, I am launching a “Questions and Comments” section for you to pose questions — short or long — to subscribers or to comment on previously published articles. Second, I am inviting you to submit a manuscript. (Although I cannot pay for a submission, you retain the copyright and thus can submit it elsewhere.) I believe sharing your insights about present and future business practice will benefit all subscribers. If you agree, please email your questions, comments, and manuscripts to mhyman@nmsu.edu. Thanks.
Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Reduced Demand by Immigrants for a New Mexico Driver’s License

Dr. Tim Query, NMSU

Intellectual curiosity compelled me to seek the reasons behind the recent decline in New Mexico driver’s licenses being issued to non-U.S. citizens. The decline coincides with Governor Martinez’s term in office. It is well-known that she has tried repeatedly to force state legislators to repeal the law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. The House of Representatives passed such legislation earlier this year, only to be thwarted by a Democratic-controlled Senate. Perhaps such efforts by the state’s chief executive officer have created a belief among undocumented immigrants that is less than welcoming.

Complete Article: Reduced Demand by Immigrants for a New Mexico Driver’s License

The Power of Personal Storytelling

Dr. David M. Boje, NMSU

What is the power of personal storytelling? Personal storytelling can empower or disempower the teller?

Complete Article: The Power of Personal Storytelling

Questions & Comments

You Make the Call: Two Executives

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU

I recently chatted with two executives who work for the same organization. By coincidence, both executives discussed their decision-making philosophies. Below are highly paraphrased versions of those stated philosophies.

Complete Article: You Make the Call: Two Executives

Marketing Research Tutorial

Different Types of Marketing Research Surveys (Parts 1 and 2)

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU; Dr. Jeremy J. Sierra, Texas State University

We summarize the various methods for collecting survey data and discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages. There is no best method for collecting survey data; if one method dominated in all contexts, then researchers would limit themselves to it. In fact, each method has advantages and disadvantages, which make it more or less suitable for a particular study.

Complete Articles:
Different Types of Marketing Research Surveys: Part 1
Different Types of Marketing Research Surveys: Part 2

News & Notes

Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

Las Cruces continues to be mired in an employment recession, with the establishment survey employment down 1.8% and the household survey employment down 2.1%. Meanwhile, the state’s job picture indicates stagnation, with the establishment survey showing a 0.4% increase and the household survey showing a 0.4% decrease.

Complete Article: Talking Points

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