NMSU experts available to discuss immigration

May 1, 2007 by Bob Nosbisch NMSU News Center

Demonstrators marched and voter registration drives were held nationwide today (May 1) in an attempt to spark Congress to act on citizenship for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. The events come one year after a nationwide boycott. Organizers say immigrants feel an urgent need to keep immigration reform from being overshadowed by the 2008 presidential race.

The following experts from New Mexico State University are available to speak to reporters about the implications of today’s protests, voter registration drives and other issues related to immigration. These professors may be contacted directly at the phone numbers or e-mail addresses given.

Jason Ackleson is an assistant professor of government. He can talk about migration, trade issues, border security and security technologies. He can be reached at his office at 505-646-4935 or by e-mail at jackleso@nmsu.edu.

Jose Zebedeo Garcia is an associate professor of government and former director of the Center for Latin American and Border Studies. He can talk about Latino (Hispanic) politics, border security and U.S.-Mexico border issues in general. He may be reached at his office at 505-646-3604, by cell phone at 505-649-8682 or by e-mail at josegarc@nmsu.edu.

Neil Harvey is an associate professor of government and director of the Center for Latin American and Border Studies. He can discuss Mexican politics. He may be reached in his office at 505-646-3220, at home at 505-522-5616 or by e-mail at nharvey@nmsu.edu.

Nancy Oretskin is director of the U.S.-Mexico Conflict Resolution Center. She has facilitated dialogues on migration issues between the United States and Mexico. She may be reached in her office at 505-646-1093, at home at 505-522-0127 or by e-mail at noretski@nmsu.edu.

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