NMSU honors researchers who generate funding of $500,000 or more

December 1, 2015 by Darrell J. Pehr, NMSU News Center

Researchers who attracted $500,000 or more in funding for research activities are honored at a dinner Nov. 11. (NMSU photo by Hamid Mansouri Rad, Office of Research Development)

Researchers who attracted $500,000 or more in funding for research activities are honored at a dinner Nov. 11. (NMSU photo by Hamid Mansouri Rad) NOV15

New Mexico State University recognized university faculty members and staff Nov. 11 who were responsible for attracting $500,000 or more each in external funding during the past fiscal year, 2015.

“It feels so good to be able to take a moment, appreciate and recognize the contributions being made by NMSU staff and faculty to research, development and outreach activities in support of the community we serve and the wider world,” said Vice President for Research Vimal Chaitanya. “For this particular event, we are recognizing and thanking investigators who brought in more than half a million dollars in externally sponsored projects during the fiscal year 2015.”

The following individuals are collectively responsible for 77 percent of the total NMSU sponsored awards during fiscal year 2015.

Those honored at the reception Nov. 11 include:

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences:
David Thompson, Agricultural Experiment Station; Alexander Fernald, Animal and Range Sciences; Jon Boren, Cooperative Extension Service; Jennifer Randall, Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Sciences; Donna Parker Sauter, Expanded Food & Nutrition Bernalillo County; Gerald Hawkes, Extension Animal Science & Natural Resources; Louis Bender, Extension Animal Science & Natural Resources; Paul Gutierrez, Extension Economics; Brooke Stanley Tou, Extension Family & Consumer Sciences; Shelly Bucher, Family & Consumer Sciences; Esther Devall, Family & Consumer Sciences; Martha Desmond, Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology; James Cain, Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology; Barbara Chamberlin, Media Productions; Jeanne Gleason, Media Productions; Mary O’Connell, Plant & Environmental Sciences

NMSU Alamogordo:
Jeffery Bacon, Becky Ross

College of Arts & Sciences:
Enrico Pontelli, Arts & Sciences; Jon Holtzman, Astronomy; Reta Beebe, Astronomy; Jason Jackiewicz, Astronomy; Charles Shuster, Biology; Immo Hansen, Biology; Kathryn Hanley, Biology; Jeffery Arterburn, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Gary Eiceman, Chemistry & Biochemistry; William Maio, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Michael Johnson, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Stephen Pate, Physics

NMSU Carlsbad:
Bertha Jasso, Valerie Davis

College of Engineering:
Russell Hardy, Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Resources Center; Ricardo Jacquez, Civil Engineering; David Jauregui, Civil Engineering; Nagamany Nirmalakhandan, Civil Engineering; David Voelz, Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

College of Education:
Eve Adams, Counseling & Education Psychology; Amanda Gibson-Smith, Dona Ana Head Start Program; Wanda Bulger-Tamez, Institute for Excellence in Math & Science Education; Susan Brown, Institute for Excellence in Math & Science Education

Dona Ana Community College:
John Walker, Lora Ross

Vice President for Economic Development:
Kathryn Hansen

Vice President for Research:
Peter Lammers, Energy Research Laboratory

Daniel Howard, Executive Vice President & Provost; Cornell Menking, International & Border Programs

NMSU Grants:
Rolando Rael

U.S. Department of Agriculture:
Richard Estell, Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters; Debra Peters, Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters

University Communications:
Adrian Velarde, KRWG Television

College of Business:
Steve Elias, Management; Collin Payne, Marketing

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium:
Patricia Hynes

New Mexico Department of Agriculture:
Julie Maitland, NMDA Agriculture Programs & Resources Division; Felicia Frost, NMDA Marketing & Development Division

Physical Science Lab:
Joanne Esparza, Physical Science Laboratory; Marcos Quinones, PSL; Henry Cathey, PSL Director’s Office; Stephen Hottman, PSL Space Aerospace; Stuart Head, PSL Space Aerospace

College of Health and Social Services:
Tina Hancock, Social Work

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:
Anthony Marin, Student Success Center

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