NMSU-Las Cruces and DACC receive national attention in Hispanic Outlook

May 4, 2010 by Louie Calderon NMSU NewsCenter

New Mexico State University and Doña Ana Community College have been recognized by the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine in several categories regarding Hispanic students and faculty.

The highest ranking NMSU’s Las Cruces campus received is in “Graduate Schools for Engineering Degrees.” Coming in at No. 8 in the nation, the university has a 16 percent enrollment in Hispanics students seeking graduate engineering degrees.

“If we are to remain a power in the arena of science, space exploration and technology, we must increase the number of minority graduates in math, science and engineering,” said Laura Gutierrez Spencer, NMSU Chicano Programs director.

NMSU’s Las Cruces campus ranked in the nation’s top 25 in “Graduate Schools Enrolling Hispanics.” Ranked No. 17, the university enrolls 27 percent (953) Hispanic graduate students – 330 men and 623 women.

DACC was ranked No. 26 in the nation with employing 109 Hispanic of 451 (24 percent) total faculty members. Of the 109 faculty members, 60 are men and 49 are women.

In addition, DACC was ranked No. 24 in the nation in “Colleges Awarding the Most Associate Degrees to Hispanics.” DACC awarded 61 percent of 744 total associate degrees to Hispanics.

“It’s crucial that we graduate a high number of Hispanic students because we are a significant and growing proportion of the United States population,” Gutierrez Spencer said. “The success of our economy depends on development of the social and intellectual capital of Hispanics in the United States.”

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