NMSU News: NMSU College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) celebrates 10 years


Uploaded by nmsunews on Oct 20, 2011. NMSU’s College Assistance Migrant Program will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, Oct. 26, with a full day of activities and workshops sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Stan Fulton Endowed Chair.

NMSU’s CAMP was recognized this summer as one of the top 10 performing programs nationally in the past year. NMSU’s CAMP has succeeded in getting two five-year federal grants.

Since 2002 the program, which provides dormitory, meal plan and student scholarships and book stipends as well as mentoring and advising students, has helped 263 students from across New Mexico and west Texas.

A recent survey of students in the program indicates 72 percent would not have come to college without the assistance of CAMP. The work experience they have had is different from most other 18- and 19-year-old students.

NMSU CAMP students have started doing fieldwork as young as age five to help support their families. Some of these families have a joint income as low as $7,000 a year. The average family income for students in NMSU’s CAMP program is $16,500 annually.

Of the 228 students who have been in school for more than a year, 51 students have completed a bachelor’s degree, another two are expected to graduate in December and 15 are expected to graduate in May of 2012. Five students have attained master’s degrees and one student is currently in the third year of a Ph.D. program. Eleven CAMP students have earned associate’s degrees.

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