NMSU offers clubs for all students

May 4, 2010 by Avra Elliott NMSU Round Up

Whether it’s to fill in a résumé, add to a graduate school application or fulfill a social need, there is an organization for almost any interest at New Mexico State University.

NMSU has clubs for faiths including Baha’i, Lutheran, Pagan and others. A feminist club and returning Peace Corps volunteers club are only two of the social organizations, and the list of special interest groups range from Anime to Wilderness Alliance.

“Each club that is chartered with NMSU has a different target audience,” said Naomi Estrada, a senior.

Along a wall on the second floor of Corbett Center are bulletin boards filled with club and organization names and information. The Campus Activities Department reported 13 new organization charters this semester.

Estrada is director for the board of the Rotaract Club, a re-founding member of Feminists Reinventing Equality Everywhere and a member of the English Undergraduate Student Organization.

Estrada said a club’s success is a reflection of its members’ involvement.

“The more time you put into a club, the better it is,” Estrada said.

Katelyn Attanasio, a senior, said she has been involved with PRIDE of NMSU Marching Band for four years.

“I’ve also been a member of Stonewall QSA, Sigma Alpha Lambda honors and leadership fraternity, EUSO, and the College Democrats,” Attanasio said.

Attanasio said some of the main benefits of belonging to a club are the sense of community and being able to give back to the college and community.

An alternative to beginning a new organization is re-chartering a former one, which is what Estrada said she did when she helped re-charter FREE two years ago.

“I felt it was important for the campus community to have a feminist group,” Estrada said.

Attanasio was also involved in re-chartering a club this past year.

“One of the primary challenges was learning how exactly to organize a club and really get the ball rolling as far as membership, leadership and chartering,” Attanasio said.

Estrada said the student government and councils have incentives and assistance for groups who attend regular meetings, are chartered with the school and perform campus and community service.

According to the Campus Activities Web site, there must be at least ten members, who are registered students, to begin a club. The organization also is required to have at least one advisor who is a full time NMSU faculty or staff.

Another stipulation, according to the Web site, is submission and Campus Activities approval of the organization by-laws. Most of the information and forms can be found online at http://campusactivities.nmsu.edu.

Avra Elliott is a staff writer and can be contacted at trunews@nmsu.edu.

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