NMSU Professor Applies Storytelling to Business Management

August 15, 2008 by Grace Ann rosile NMSU Research News

Not Just a Bedtime Story: NMSU Professor Applies Storytelling to Business Management

Dr. David M. Boje

Dr. David M. Boje

Storytelling is not just for kids anymore.

David Boje, of New Mexico State University’s College of Business, will conduct three presentations related to storytelling in organizations, including leading a prestigious All Academy Showcase Symposium, at the August 2008 annual national meeting of the over- 10,000 member Academy of Management in Anaheim, CA.

Boje has been creating insights on organizational storytelling since his seminal 1991 article about an office supply firm. Then in 1996, another key article showed how Disney, creator of some of our most well-know stories, is itself a storytelling organization. More

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