NMSU recycling takes honors at competition

April 26, 2010 by Avra Elliott NMSU Round Up

More than 69 percent of campus waste recycled

New Mexico State University took second place in the Grand Champion category of the 2010 RecycleMania Tournament.

During the ten weeks of the national competition, NMSU recycled 69.05 percent of overall waste.

“The main reason we have been so successful is the continued support of students, staff and faculty,” said Art Lucero, NMSU RecycleMania coordinator.

“I think it’s great the university was able to come together and be able to recycle so much,” said Amanda Estrada, a NMSU senior.

Lucero said participation from staff, students and faculty has increased. He said this was the third year NMSU has competed, and the campus has continued to increase the amount of recyclables every year.

Miley Grandjean, a staff member for the Division of Student Success, said she uses the recycling facilities on campus and recycles household items as well.

“It is fantastic that we placed second,” Grandjean said, “but even more than placing second, I hope it is some sort of foreshadowing of similar efforts to come in the near-future of NMSU.”

A press release reported California State University took first place with 71.82 percent recycled overall waste and American University in Washington D.C. came in third place with 64.9 percent.

“We now know how we rank amongst other colleges and universities across the nation,” Lucero said.

“It’s great that we can put New Mexico on the map, especially for such a great cause,” said Jayson Eng, a graduate student.

The competition, in which 607 colleges participated, had several divisions, including a per capita category, which measures the largest amount of recyclable material. The competition featured a “Gorilla” prize for the school with the largest weight of recycled materials, according to a press release.

A total of 84.5 million pounds of recyclables and organics were recovered from participating schools.

“The growth success of RecycleMania proves that college campuses and students are embracing sustainability like never before,” said Ed Skernolis, vice president of recycling for Keep America Beautiful, Inc., in a press release.

Bill Rudy, RecyleMania Steering Committee chairman, said in a press release that one unique aspect of RecyleMania is everyone is a competitor and no student is sitting at the sidelines.

“With the whole campus in the game, the competitive spirit spreads and recycling increases,” Rudy said in the press release.

Avra Elliott is a staff writer and can be contacted at trunews@nmsu.edu.

Alexia Severson is a staff writer and can be contacted at trunews@nmsu.edu.

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