NMSU students receive scholarships to study abroad

Aug. 22, 2007 by Margaret Kovar NMSU News Center

More than 50 New Mexico State University students will be studying abroad on exchanges for the 2007 fall semester.

Of those 50 students, 29 received a total of 32 scholarships worth $58,500. The scholarships are created by external money through funds, partners, federal grants or foundation accounts. Most are designed to help cover the extra costs of traveling.

The students studying on exchanges pay NMSU tuition costs to attend the overseas universities, but also must pay for room and board and sometimes a full meal plan. The estimated cost is around $5,700 a semester.

“It’s not just about sending students out, it’s about building relationships. We do these programs to help add value to the students’ and the institutions’ curriculum,” said Paul Huntsberger, assistant dean for Study Abroad.

There are many different reasons why students decide to study abroad. Some students take classes that are not offered at NMSU, and to learn and be immersed in a foreign language. Other students use studying abroad as a career enhancement opportunity, or for their own personal growth and a different perspective of the world.

The International Foundation for Study Abroad (IFSA) awarded 17 students scholarships of $1,000 to $2,000. The students will be studying in France, Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

The Nagoya University of Foreign Studies gave four students Japanese Government grants worth $6,000 to $9,000 each to study in Japan.

The Colin Williamson Study Abroad Fund, managed by the NMSU Foundation, awarded two students studying in France and Switzerland $400.

The Las Cruces Mesilla Valley Rotary Club (LCMVR) gave three $500 scholarships for students to study in Costa Rica, New Zealand and Switzerland, and the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) provided three students Annette Kade Scholarships to study in France and Germany.

The Institute of International Education awarded Gilman Grants to two students to study abroad in Japan and Thailand.

For more information on opportunities to study abroad, call (505) 646-5107 or visit studyabroad.nmsu.edu.

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