NMSU students should be aware of changes made to financial aid

February 16, 2011 by Christine Pixley, NMSU News Center

Students who are applying for 2011-2012 financial aid should take note of the March 1 deadline and also that they must take part in the mandatory Financial Literacy Counseling before they receive their funding.

The counseling session is done online at http://nmsu.fatvcounseling.com/cms/register. This session discusses budgeting, managing personal credit and other topics to help students properly handle their money.

In addition to filing for financial aid, a student can apply for privately-funded scholarships using a new system created through a partnership between the NMSU Foundation and the Office of Financial Aid called Scholar Dollars. The program allows students to fill out one application and have it sent electronically to all the scholarships they qualify for. It is available at http://scholarships.nmsu.edu.

“It has really taken us into a new era of supporting students,” said Diane Calhoun, director of scholarships and stewardship for the NMSU Foundation.

Students can edit or update the application as many times as they want up until the March 1 deadline. They are encouraged to fill out and file the FAFSA form because it is a requirement for some scholarships.

Calhoun also said students will be notified through their NMSU e-mail account if they have any updates on their application and are encouraged to check it frequently.

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