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Arrowhead Center was created by New Mexico State University (NMSU) to be an engine for sustainable economic development, ultimately improving the quality of life for all New Mexicans. Arrowhead Center is accomplishing this by collaboratively facilitating the creation of an innovation‐driven economy, where New Mexico’s ability to convert ideas into marketable technologies, faster and better than the competition, will determine the pace of the state’s economic growth.

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December 10, 2012 by Justin Bannister, NMSU News Center

New Mexico State University’s Entrepreneurship Institute is now accepting applications from inventors, technologists, researchers and small business owners for its Entrepreneur Ventures Program next spring.

The deadline to submit an application is Jan. 14, 2013. Those selected will receive specialized support and resources to help start and grow businesses and commerce.

“The Entrepreneurship Institute is interested in helping New Mexicans build businesses, large or small, in any sector,” said Sara Sanders, entrepreneurship director at the Arrowhead Center. “Our state is diversified and so are our companies. From agriculture, to the arts, to home-based businesses, to tech-based startups, our program strives to help entrepreneurs succeed. We are here to help translate ideas into products and businesses, especially at the early stage.”

Sanders said that services for the Entrepreneur Ventures Program are customized to fit the client’s needs. The program’s services include feasibility, market and industry assessments. Applicants accepted into the program are chosen based on a variety of factors, including the degree to which their proposal promises to contribute to economic development in New Mexico.

“The institute engages its most significant asset, highly engaged Student Innovation Teams, which link entrepreneurs, faculty researchers and research partners statewide,” Sanders said. “By collaborating directly with entrepreneurs and researchers, student teams vet technologies, uncover areas of market potential and develop strong and viable research. This proactive collaboration expedites the movement of ideas to market and provides directed learning opportunities for students.”

Those interested can find the business assistance form at http://www.arrowheadcenter.org. Forms should be submitted to Sanders at npirayes@nmsu.edu by the Jan. 14, 2013 deadline. For questions, call 575-646-7036.

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