OASIS to host monthlong green film series

October 9, 2008 by Tom Sandford NMSU Round Up

The Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability (OASIS) will be showing seven films on campus this fall about serious environmental issues such as dwindling oil supplies, global warming and the economy in an effort to promote sustainability.

Beginning Oct. 16, OASIS will show one movie every Thursday night at 6 p.m. until Nov. 26 in Science Hall Room 102, with one double feature. The series, dubbed “Films that Make You Go ‘Hmm,'” will begin with the showing of “Everything’s Cool,” a film about America’s understanding of global warming.

“We’re presenting the films to show there are people in the community that know and care about these sustainability issues,” said Ana Cordova, OASIS president and NMSU senior.

Cordova said the films will provide an inside look for viewers on peak oil, alternative energy sources, global warming, gender equality and green architecture.

Discussions after every film seek different perspectives from students and allow viewers to express their opinions. Admission to the movies is free, as is the popcorn, provided that viewers “B.Y.O.B,” or bring their own bowls.

The last film to be shown, “Design E-Squared,” will focus on green architecture, which consists of designing and building energy-efficient, environmentally friendly buildings by using renewable resource building materials, better insulation, solar panels, and the utilization of natural light.

OASIS member Alma Pacheco, an NMSU graduate student proposed that “Design E-squared” be shown “so the community knows what is going on around them; green architecture is hard to fund, but it is very good for the health of the people and the environment.”

OASIS is a student organization dedicated to educating and bringing the practice of sustainability to the community and anyone, not just students, may join the club.

Mark Uchanski, the faculty co-advisor for OASIS said, “It’s an amazing group because the people that join bring their own expertise to the club, and what brings everyone together is sustainability.”

“Being a part of OASIS can improve students’ leadership skills because we have elections every semester, so everyone gets a chance to lead,” Cordova said. “It keeps things fresh.”

Cordova said OASIS is active in the community and has several projects planned for the future, including visits to elementary schools to educate children “about environmental issues and help them understand where their food comes from.”

OASIS hosted the 2007 Earth Day celebration and is planning on hosting next year’s in mid-April to reach out to the community and promote sustainment awareness as well as showcase local food producers, artisans and vendors, Cordova said.

“Last year’s earth day was amazing,” Cordova said. “Our club grew exponentially, and we’re going to keep on trucking.”

OASIS meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on the second floor of Corbett Center. Students who wish to learn more about OASIS can visit their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/nmsuoasisclub or through e-mail at oasis@nmsu.edu.

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