Prepared NMSU graduates will find jobs

April 25, 2008 by Bryant Million NMSU News Center

New Mexico State University’s Spring 2008 graduates can look forward to a healthy job market as long as they don’t have too many restrictions in their job search and have pre-professional experience in their field.

According to a survey released by Manpower Inc. in March, 26 percent of companies across the country plan to hire between April and June. Only 9 percent said they planned to decrease their work force.

“Despite the uncertainty of the U.S.’s current economic situation, graduating students can be guardedly optimistic about the job market,” said Steve Salway, director of NMSU Career Services. “It will vary by the individual, but the more restrictions a graduate has on their job search – such as location and the amount of jobs they apply for – the harder time they will have.

“They should be utilizing a comprehensive network of family, friends, faculty members, professional associations, direct applications and services like the ones provided here at career services,” Salway said.

“The students who have pre-professional experience with internships and co-ops also will have a much easier time finding a job than those without it,” said Roseanne Bensley, assistant director of career services.

All NMSU students and alumni are encouraged to establish an AggieTRAK account. Details on the program can be found at AggieTRAK is an online system that provides students and alumni with job postings, career fair employers and other employer research.

Salway and Bensley said even during recession situations, some employers will continue selective hiring to find candidates for key positions while using services such as NMSU Career Services and individual online applications.

Another large factor affecting graduates’ job searches will be the impending retirement of those in the baby boomers generation within the next year. Salway said this will have the most impact for the careers in private industry, education, public service and federal employment.

Salway said some students might be inclined to go to graduate school in order to bide time during the current economic situation, but sometimes that can do more harm. Careers in federal employment are likely to reward employees with a graduate level education more, but careers in private industry not so much.

“Sometimes it can be better to get out there and start earning professional experience right away,” Salway said.

“Overall, the graduates with pre-professional experience, who adequately prepared and researched for their career and have few restrictions on their job search, will be successful in attaining a job,” he said. “The more irons in the fire, the easier it will be.”

For more information contact NMSU Career Services at (575) 646-1631.

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