Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmithing Art in the Quantum Age

Uploaded on Vimeo by David M. Boje, May 20, 2012, this video presents the eleven D’s of Quantum Storytelling from an ontological standpoint.

  1. Directionality
  2. Datability
  3. Duration
  4. Disclosability
  5. Destining
  6. Deployment
  7. Dwelling
  8. Deseverance
  9. Drafts
  10. Dispersion
  11. Detaching

May 20, 2012, by David M. Boje, Professor, Department of Management, via email

Overview and Dedication

Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmithing Art in the Quantum Age, presents David M. Boje’s “Quantum Storytelling” approach. This film is dedicated to Boje’s great grandfather, William Henry Shelton (born July 26, 1863, in Brownstown, Indiana; died Aug. 18, 1946).

In 1897, William Henry Shelton crossed the Rocky Mountains with his family, in a covered wagon, and opened the first blacksmith shop and livery stable in Goldendale, Washington.


Produced by Grace Ann Rosile
Narrator: David M. Boje
Director: Joe T. Meier
Sound: Aron Hethcox and Jonas Huerta

All songs, pictures, and art images are used with permission and in accordance with IRB at NMSU.

Acknowledgments and Thanks from David Boje

Many thanks to Joe T. Meier, Aron Hethcox, and Jonas Huerta for the wonderful work in the video. The version you will see is HD, and not the premiere quality version they will load in a day or so. I prepared the film to show at the Distinguished Professorship presentation in Denmark, and the my keynote at the Process Conference in Denmark. Thanks to Grace Ann for encouraging me in my blacksmith art and its quantum storytelling. And I thank all the wonderful blacksmiths listed in the credits for their lessons to me, and others for interviews they did as part of my sabbatical study.

About David Boje

David M. Boje, Ph.D. is a blacksmith and a Distinguished Achievement Professor in the Management Department, College of Business, New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, U.S. His website has his books, online articles, and a blog to talk about quantum storytelling and blacksmith art in the Quantum Age. For more information and references to books and articles mentioned in the video see http://peaceaware.com.

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