DFEI: Accounting Issues in Ethics

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    • Dec. 2006. Detecting And Preventing Occupational Fraud. NM Business Outlook
    • Nov. 2006. Prosecuting Occupational Fraud. NM Business Outlook
    • Oct. 2006. Schoener on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. NM Business Outlook
  • Scribner, Ed. Dec. 2005. Living With Internal Controls. NM Business Outlook
  • Scribner, Edmund and Manson P. Dillaway. 1989. Strengthening the Ethics Content of Accounting Courses. Journal of Accounting Education 7, no. 1: 41-55

On April 11, 2012, Weston Smith (former CEO, HealthSouth) visited NMSU students and faculty to discuss his role in HealthSouth’s massive accounting fraud.

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