DFEI: Public Officials (Government) and Ethics

Ethics Certification Program

NMSU’s Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and NM EDGE have created an ethics certification program for state, county, and municipal elected officials and employees. This program is the Certified Advocate for Public Ethics (CAPE). (See the NM CPM Core Class Catalog: June 3, 2011.)

Examples of classes taught in the CAPE program include PE 120 Do the Right Thing and PE 128 Walk the Talk (see Modules below).

January 20, 2010: New Mexico Rep. Nathan Cote (D-Las Cruces) introduced House Memorial (HM) 6 as part of ethics reforms. HM 6 would result in ethics training to government officials and government workers.

NMSU Resources

VonOsten. 2013. Creating a Code of Ethics and Ethics Investigatory Body: Doña Ana County

Uploaded by AggieVision on Mar 22, 2012. NMSU Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Chair, and Associate Professor of Marketing, Bruce Huhmann discusses the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and its impact at NMSU.

Modules & Cases

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Other Resources

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