Semester at sea promises opportunity, excitement and education

February 18, 2010 by Shannon Ostrowsky NMSU Round Up

NMSU students can explore multiple options to create the ideal plan for studying abroad, said Cindy Leichti, program facilitator of international programs at NMSU.

Semester at Sea offers a global experience the typical study abroad program does not have, said Kelly Wilkinson, Semester at Sea assistant director of university outreach. Students are taught on a ship rather than on land, traveling around the world, stopping in eight to 12 countries, Wilkinson said.

“It is a fantastic program which allows students to gain an education in a new perspective,” Wilkinson said. “Students will have the ability to see more of the world and to compare multiple cultures.”

Students live on a ship equipped with libraries, cafeterias, computer labs and a work-out facility, Wilkinson said.

“Basically, it’s like a university campus on water,” Wilkinson said.

Aggies Go Global is a NMSU program that offers global learning opportunities for undergraduate students, said Owen Cortner, a NMSU student.

Cortner, who conducted research in Kenya through Aggies Go Global, said the program strives to create a unique, international experience for each student.

Students who join the program can study for a full semester or during spring break, Cortner said.

“It is a great way to enhance your education and do volunteer work,” Cortner said. “There are also short-term programs available so students have more options.”

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program offers students a chance to enhance their education studying abroad during a semester, the summer and through internships.

Studying in another country opens up more opportunities, creates a better understanding of the world and also looks good on a resume, said Eric Anderson, manager of United States international relations for Globalinks.

“Students with almost any major can participate and scholarships are easily available,” Anderson said. “There are all these things to do [through the program] that broaden your horizons and can give you something to talk about for the rest of your life.”

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