Sirens to sound this Wednesday

Apr. 7: New sirens on NMSU campus to be tested (submitted photo). Click on the image for more info.

Apr. 7: New sirens on NMSU campus to be tested (submitted photo). Click on the image for more info.

April 7, 2010 by Avra Elliott NMSU Round Up

New weather alarm system installed

This Wednesday students, who are located as far as the New Mexico State University golf course, might hear the newly installed weather warning sirens.

The sirens will be tested at noon Wednesday and during this first test those who subscribe to the emergency management system will receive text messages, phone calls and/or emails.

In the future the sirens will be tested separate from the emergency management system. Students and people within a one mile radius will hear the sirens sounding simultaneously for one minute every first Wednesday at five. In an actual weather emergency they would sound for two minutes.

Stephen Lopez, deputy chief of police at NMSU said in a press release that the sirens are meant to serve as a first response system. When the sirens are heard people should head for shelter and check the NMSU Web site or local news for more information.

The sirens are located adjacent to the USDA building on College Drive and on the north side of the Coco-Cola Weight Training Facility by Aggie Memorial Stadium. The sirens rotate while sounding and have a sound radius of one mile.

Lopez said the sirens are a joint effort with the National Weather Service which reports that each year Americans cope with an average of 10 thousand thunderstorms, 5 thousand floods and 1 thousand tornadoes on top of winter storms, intense summer heat, high winds, wild fires and other deadly weather impacts.

Lopez said NMSU is in the process of becoming certified as a StormReady university. He said NMSU would be the first southern New Mexico community to be certified as StormReady and the 44th in the United States.

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