Social media landing page launched on NMSU Web site

October 28, 2009 by Jane Moorman @NMSU the online newsletter for NMSU staff and faculty.

YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. MySpace. These are all ways NMSU is reaching out to its community and the world through Internet social media.

But how do you access these sources of information? NMSU recently launched its social media landing page which lists the various campus colleges, departments and organizations using social media to reach the general public, faculty, staff and students.

Frank Torres, Web developer with the university’s Media Productions department, says NMSU is up to speed in the social media world.

“In the past year social media utilities have been proliferating throughout the NMSU community. Students, departments and colleges have been adopting these technologies to do many things, such as build awareness of programs, increase enrollment and to communicate and collaborate with the NMSU community,” Torres said. “Here at Media Productions we have decided to provide a central online location where our users can go to access NSMU social media communities.”

Site visitors can access the social media landing page from the NMSU homepage ( The link is housed on the site menu under campus life.

“At this point in time, the social media landing page consists of five categories – YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and ‘Other Networks,'” Torres said. “We are anticipating the lists of participating channels to grow as more departments adopt social media.

“And now that Media Productions is going forward with the production of educational software for the iPhone, we will be expanding the Social Media landing page to include these developments,” he continued.

There are nine YouTube channel links that allow you to see what’s happening via videos created by NMSU community members.

“We have established YouTube channels for the satellite campuses and several colleges and departments within NMSU,” said Torres. “Each unit can now leverage the YouTube environment to display video specific to their mission and goals with the intent to show the world their strengths and uniqueness.”

Department or college video masters, who serve as gatekeepers for their channel’s content, determine their particular college or department channel mission.

There are 16 Twitter accounts listed, as well as 10 Facebook and four MySpace links.

“Similar to the YouTube model, whoever owns the Twitter account decides how it is to be used. For example, Twitter can be used to connect with other Twitter users, it can be used to broadcast events, drive traffic to other Web spaces or to resurface and share information.” Torres said.

Torres has been campaigning with each of the university’s colleges to encourage the adoption of social media to meet their business goals. “Social media allows everybody to be a publisher and have a voice. With the economy in the state it is in, taking advantage of the no-cost, easy-to-use social media technologies is a powerfully effective way to show the world who we are, what we do and how we do it.”

To learn more about social media and how to use them for your department or college contact Frank Torres at

Additional information from the College of Business:
CoB “All News & Social Media”



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