Students cream the deans

April 1, 2010 by Alexia Severson NMSU Round Up

Delta Sigma Pi raises money to help Haiti

Students get a chance to put a pie in the face of the professor or dean of their choice on Tuesday, April 6, during Delta Sigma Pi’s “Cream the Dean” event.

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity at New Mexico State University. Last year’s ‘Cream the Dean’ event raised over $2000 for the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, according to a Delta Sigma Pi news letter.

“We are asking donations from various businesses, and all the money and proceeds will go to Red Cross,” Cream the Dean Chair, Malcolm Winston said of this year’s event.

This time, Dean Carruthers has set the goal at $4000, and all the money made will be split between helping the relief fund in Haiti and Chile, Winston said.

Winston said the Finance Club and Housing will also be participating in the event.

“Housing is going to donate 100 bottles of water to the event, and Financing will provide the whipped cream,” Winston said.

Peter Piper Pizza will also contribute by donating 15 pizzas, which will be free for participating students, Winston said.

“It’s first come, first serve,” Winston said.

Winston said although it still needs to be approved by Campus Activities, Delta Sigma Pi hopes to get the Dance Sport Team involved as well, in which they will either give a performance, or give dance lessons at the event.

Winston said last year’s fundraiser had a fairly small turn-out of only 20 fraternity members and about 35 student participants.

This year, Winston said he thinks the extra advertising will pay off and Delta Sigma Pi will be able to reach their goal of $4000.

“It will be $2 for one pie, and $3 for two pies,” Winston said.

Winston said if students would like to pie a certain professor or dean who is not currently participating, he or she can contact him at

“Come out and participate,” Winston said, “It’s going to be fun.”

Cream the Dean will take place in Trader’s Plaza from 12 p.m.-2 p.m

Alexia Severson is a staff writer and can be reached at

Cream the Deans 2010

  • When: April 6, noon to 2pm
  • Where: Traders Plaza
  • Why: American Red Cross relief efforts for Haiti & Chile
  • Donate &/or Participate? Let us know by 5pm on March 19

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