Academic Resources

Student Advising Toolbox:

Instructor Office Hours. Times & Locations:

Registering for Classes/Planning Future Semesters


See the catalog for degree requirements and road maps.

Click here for STAR audit and degree planning help

Guide/overview of the STAR Degree Audit and STAR Degree Planning system; how to access the system, read audits and map courses to degree completion.

Time Block Chart. A fillable document useful for planning a class schedule free of time conflicts.

Advising Guidelines for Continuing Students. Dean Brook’s regular memo to students of the college, detailing important advising issues.

Key Academic Policies. Summary of some prominent policies that are of interest to all students.

Add or drop a major in the College of Business. Submit the Change of Major (or Catalog Year) form on the Student Forms page.

Midpoint Degree Check. Overview of the midpoint process, when College of Business students transition from lower-division to upper-division coursework.

Override Registration Guide. Step-by-step process for registered in a class for which you’ve received a registration override.

Academic FAQs in the sidebar provides information on advising, registration, registration errors and holds, STAR degree audit, degree requirements, and graduation and commencement.

Graduation Information. Overview of the steps you need to take to finish your degree and receive your diploma.

Academic Standing: Policies & Practices. Explanation of the academic standing system, levels of academic sanctions, and what is expected of students under academic sanctions in the College of Business.

Ethical Expectations

Student Responsibilities & Best Practices. What is expected of you as the manager of your academic experience.

ETS Study Materials. These generic Educational Testing Service study materials are provided with permission from their authors to assist you in prepping for the ETS exam: