Student Mailing Lists

The College of Business (COB) maintains several mailing lists for dissemination of announcements and other important information to students.

cobacademics @ >>> Academic Announcements

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This list is rebuilt daily and automatically includes all undergraduate business students who have been admitted or are considered active.

A student’s active status persists for as long as the student is eligible to enroll in courses without requiring readmission: one year from the last semester of enrollment.

It is the policy of the College of Business that active student email addresses are not unsubscribed from this list, and that all students are responsible for knowing any information which has been sent to this list.

cobacademics @ is used by college administration to deliver essential university information (primarily of an academic nature) to all active undergraduate business students.

If you have recently graduated, you are still considered an active student for a full year.

If you have graduated and are receiving messages from this list to your personal email, it is because you have forwarded your email to your personal email.

If you are no longer taking classes and would prefer to not receive these messages to your personal email, simply discontinue the forwarding of messages from your account.

cobjobs @ >>> COB Employment Announcements

cobjobs @ is used by college administration to deliver information about employment, internship, and co-operative education opportunities to undergraduate business students.

Active business students are automatically subscribed to this list three times annually, but can voluntarily unsubscribe.

cobbulletins @ >>> COB Bulletins & Announcements

cobbulletins @ is used to distribute information about events, scholarships, student opportunities, and student organizations.

Active business students are automatically subscribed to this list three times annually, but can voluntarily unsubscribe.

Posting Guidelines

All mailing lists are moderated, meaning that messages are subject to approval before posting. Messages will only be posted if all of the following standards are met:

  • Message content is appropriate for the chosen mailing list – See the list descriptions above.
  • Message is composed using professional language and business English.
  • Sender name and return email address are included in the body of the message.
  • Allow one full business day for moderation – Posts which announce an event on the day of the event will be rejected. (In the case of events which have been previously announced, a reminder on the day of the event is acceptable.)
  • Total message size, including attachments, is less than 10MB – It is difficult to justify a message larger than this, and such large messages can be odious to download and view.
  • Body of the email contains all the content needed to convey the desired message – Attachments can be included with additional detail; for example, a message announcing a new class or program may include a PDF with a full description or schedule. However, messages which reside primarily or entirely within an attachment will be rejected. This includes messages which consist entirely of a graphic or “screen shot” of a document.
  • Accepted attachments are limited to the following: Images (JPG, GIF, PNG), Adobe portable document format (PDF), plain text (TXT), hypertext (HTML).
    • Unacceptable file formats: MS Office files and variants (such as LibreOffice/OpenOffice), including word processor, spreadsheet, database, slideshow, and publisher layout files, will not be accepted. These file formats often trigger spam and virus filters, and are not readable on all mobile devices.

In the case of any uncertainty on the part of the list moderators, all messages are subject to final review by the associate academic dean.