USA Today: Overweight diners’ habits at Chinese buffets are revealing

October 1, 2008. Retrieved online October 8, 2009 from Nanci Hellmich USA Today

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Overweight diners’ habits at Chinese buffets are revealing

“When it comes to eating at Chinese buffets, normal-weight diners have a much different approach from that of obese patrons.

Customers who are not heavy are more likely to browse the buffet before serving themselves, use chopsticks instead of forks and sit with their backs to the food, a study by Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab shows.

Researchers had 22 trained observers watch 213 patrons at 11 all-you-can-eat buffets at Chinese restaurants around the country.

…Collin Payne, the paper’s co-author and an assistant professor of marketing at New Mexico State University-Las Cruces, says the take-home messages from the buffet study can apply to other environments. Thinking about what you’re going to eat before you scoop it on your plate and taking the time to chew your food thoroughly may help you control your weight, he says.”

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