WalletHub, Mike McGonigle: Credit Cards for Bad Credit

March 2017 by John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor, for WalletHub

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The best type of credit card for people with bad credit, or poor credit, is one that requires a refundable security deposit but charges low (or no) fees. That goes for everyone except those who truly need a modest emergency loan. After all, even the best unsecured credit cards for bad credit simply aren’t very good, charging an arm and a leg for a very small amount of spending power.

Article includes a listing of:

  • 2017’s Best Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit
  • 2017’s Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit
  • 4 tips for getting the best credit card for bad credit

Mike McGonigle answers WalletHub’s questions:

  • How can people improve their credit scores using a credit card for bad credit?
  • How should people decide between a secured and an unsecured credit card for bad credit?

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