WalletHub’s 10 Financial Predictions for 2016 features Ken Martin

December 2015 by John S Kiernan, for WalletHub

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“We seem to be on the precipice of … something. It’s been more than nine years since the Federal Reserve last raised interest rates and roughly seven years since we last elected a new president. We’ll confront a new normal in both regards next year. Not only is 2016 an election year, but it’s poised to be an especially contentious one as two parties sporting diametrically opposed views about both where the country stands today and where it should go tomorrow confront monumental issues ranging from income inequality and tax policy to terrorism and climate change.

“Then again, we’re also on the verge of … nothing. Domestic economic growth in the New Year is expected to be modest. Numerous analysts are projecting a flat year for the stock market. And while employment is nearing target levels set by policymakers, many people still feel abandoned by the economic recovery.

“It is with that context that we count down the final days of 2015 and prepare to enter the unknown. No one can predict precisely what the future holds, after all, but we can make some educated prognostications in order to help prepare both you and your wallet for the challenges and opportunities that 2016 will inevitably bring. Below you can find a breakdown of 10 important financial developments that WalletHub’s editors believe will occur in 2016, in addition to predictions from a panel of leading economists.”


Ken Martin answers WalletHub’s questions:

  • How do you expect the U.S. economy to perform in 2016? Where do you anticipated GDP growth ending up?
  • What kind of year do you think the stock market will have in 2016?
  • What will be the biggest economic themes for 2016?
  • What do you expect from global energy markets in 2016, and how will this affect the American consumer?

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