Wi-Fi hot spots keep students connected

February 18, 2010 by DeSean Payne NMSU Round Up

In college there is, without a doubt, a need to have a steady connection with the internet. Students use the internet for contact with professors, research on projects and other leisurely activities.

While the campus provides plenty of on-campus opportunities for students to access the internet through free wireless and many computer labs, New Mexico State University students not frequently able to use on-campus resources have options for free internet use around the city of Las Cruces.

Some locations will use Wi-Fi as a way to bring customers in. Locations that provide completely free Wi-Fi, according to an online wireless internet locator, cnet.jwire.com, are McDonald’s at all locations except the location on Valley Drive, Hard Back Coffee Café at Hastings on Lohman Avenue, The Bean café on Avenida De Mesilla, Red Mountain Café on Commerce Drive, Arby’s, Village Inn, and High Desert Brewing Co.

While these locations offer free Wi-Fi, urbanspoon.com lists the five best free wireless restaurants as McAlister’s Deli, Break an Egg Restaurant, five Brothers Chinese and Best Aggie Restaurant, Meson de Mesilla, and Dublin’s Street Pub.

There are some places around town that claim to have free wireless internet but have some requirements for the user before accessing the internet. Starbucks is one such location which requires a person to first posses a Starbucks Reward card or have an AT&T DSL plan, according to www.starbucks.com. The cost of Starbuck’s wireless plan, without either of these two things, is $3.99 for two consecutive hours.

For more information about Wi-Fi at specific locations, it may be best to contact the location and confirm the exact wireless policy, before assuming it is free.

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