Press for (Kukdong)slide show.

We traveled to Atlixco, Mexico to visit the Kukdong factory. We found Reebok and Nike subcontracting to a factory where the workers had been beaten by Police and FROC-CROC (State Union) thugs in order to break the back of a worker action to initiate an independent union. The governor of the State of Puebla called in the riot police and young women (15 to 23), many pregnant women, and women with their children were forced to run through the gauntlet of swinging clubs and shields.  Photos show workers bused to and from villages, some of the CROC officials, women after the gauntlet, and a couple of factories that may be doing outsource work to the main Kukdong factory.

For paper on Kukdong see The Kuk Dong Story: When the Fox Guards the Hen House By David M. Boje, Grace Ann Rosile, & J., Dámaso Miguel Alcantara Carrillo -- New Mexico State University-- March 25, 2001; Updated April 2, 2001