The Principle of Surrender:

      Collapsing Waves of Quantum Storytelling

      David M. Boje, January 17, 2017; Revised April 28, 2017

      'I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific!' The Bow-G in the image is my name (More).

      The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known”-- Pete Seeger, (singer/songwriter 1919 – 2014)

      We can do this with the principle of surrender.

      The principle of surrender is to give up on the will-to-power, and do nothing, and take no immediate action, and then collapse an arriving futural wave of fore-caring into eventhood. Rather than immediate reaction to obstacle or chaos, it is just to Be in a state of fore-caring. I call it Being Healthy, Happy and Terrific, while, just sitting still, attuning to the fear, anxiety, ambiguity, and all the turbulence around your Self and awaiting waves of understanding and care to enter the scene (Heidegger, 1962). The principle of surrender is to notice new attunements opening of the three doors: curiosity, understanding, and care. I surrender because I am not wasting my energy pushing the river uphill! I choose not to re-act at all, and instead practice the Principle of Surrender, and watch the waves, until I see a wave I want to surf and to collapse into an event. I can do fore-caring, collapse a wave I choose, in a loving manner, and still be attuned to my own fear, anxiety, and turbulence, as well as understanding and caring. The wheels of the society and its education institutions have fallen off, and I don’t know what is next.

      The Principle of Surrender has Six Aspects of Embodiment:

      1. The Art of Listening. My body cannot speak and listen at the same time. If I am thinking, my thoughts are getting in the way of listening. My thinking and talking creates a filter, and keeps me from listening fully. I can listen with my whole being, embodied here and now. I am in story listening mode now! Primes me to turn off internal dialogue. I can listen with a mind open to all the possibilities.

      2. The Art of Wisdom. Surrender is Not submission. I do not surrender out of weakness. In its spiritual context, surrender means a disciplined self-restraint, and an act of wisdom, waiting for a wave to collapse that makes a difference. Instead of a clash of wills, I just don’t clash at all, and wait for the right wave. Surrender is is embodiment in the wisdom of humility.

      3. The Element of Air. Breathing air is life of embodiment. When you are born, you thrash for the first breath. In fear, you hold your breath, then gasp for air, to live. The air surrenders to our embodied gasp for air. We breathe by an inhale, then exhale the air back to the atmosphere. I surrender to the atmosphere, inhale as it surrenders, and exhale as I surrender air back to atmosphere. In this way body [and] air come into attunement.

      4. The Element of Earth. I am a walking moving living-body that is its own ecosystem, but that ecosystem is in change, in entanglement, in embodiment with (and of) all the ecosystems of Earth and cosmos. My body is made of star particles that make up the Earth. We receive food from Earth. Earth passes through our biotic body of 37.4 trillion critters. Our body critter-conglomerate ecosystem digests, and its living matter is surrendered back to the Earth ecosystems.

      5. The Element of Water. Water is life, in its embodiment. The human body is 65% water, 75% at birth. We surrender to water, and its surrendered back to a planet whose surface is 71% water. Its mutual surrender of water-attunement.

      6. The Element of Fire. Our biological body is 37.4 trillion living cells, an ecosystem of microorganisms and microbes, all living cells, most are symbiotic settlers. The living cells make heat, energy, and do all kinds of things to keep us alive and in attunement with the energy all around us.

      The Ten Attunement of Being-in-the-World There are at least 10 attunements (also called moods). By attunements we listen, gain wisdom, and are embodiment of the elements of air, earth, water, and fire. Our living-embodiment is of the Earth (all the elements) and we are not separated from world. We have Being-in-the-world (Heidegger, 1962). Our living-body system and the world system are in attunement. The body vibrates as does the Earth. Our human systems (relations, family, groups, organizations, society, nations) are not finished, unmerged, unfinalized, left off, partly implemented, partly abandoned. I therefore use the word systemicity to mean all the layers of unfinished and unmerged system, partially here and now.

Moods of Attunement

Figure 1- We can Choose to Collapse Different Waves of Attunement or wait for the next waveform.

We can choose attainments of Fear, Anxiety, Ambiguity, Turbulence or Collapse a Wave of Understanding and Care. In collapsing a particular wave arriving from the future, we let other waves pass through us. We collapse a specific wave into once-occurrent event-ness. We do this by a strange process of storytelling. That is what my colleagues and I call quantum storytelling.

Surrendering is a natural process mutual surrendering by the arts of listening and wisdom between embodiment [and] world including the elements (air, earth, water, & fire). The Principle of Surrender means I remain open-minded to the possible in each negative experience. I surrender and I instantly find peace, and totally free to do what I can, which right now in TrumpLand, is nothing at all. In observing the World, I surrender to fear, anxiety, and ambiguity, and Being-quiet and still, I notice the contours of Turbulence waves, and await an upsurge-spiral of other attunements until I get attuned to a wave of Understanding and Care. Why? Because as Corey Anton (2001: 20, boldness mine) claims, "Nothing separates my body from the world." I am surrendering to the overwhelm of complexity, and standing still in it, transforming it by attunement.

Half the people on Earth live on less than $2 a day. A meat diet cannot feed the planet. Meat is too unsustainable a food source. A plant-diet can work. My choice is to collapse of wave of veganism into eventness of Being-in-the-world. I have to live the change I want in to world, to sow it and reap it.

The principle of surrender is based on sow and reap choices.

We are what we choose to sow and reap:

Change your thought to change your destiny in four wave collapses:

1. Collapse a thought create an action

2. Collapse an action, create a habit

3. Collapse a habit, create a character

4. Collapse a character wave, create a destiny

We can sow a different thought, a different action will result. Its a matter of which waves arriving from the future we choose to collapse into eventhood (the Observer Effect in quantum storytelling).

Make Healthy, Happy, and Terrific a HABIT, and you will collapse different waves of potentiality into eventness.

We are quantum beings:

Atoms are 99.99999% empty space, but it is “filled with energy” (Disperza, 2014: 182)

Calcium comes from the soil, from plants. Not from COWcium, its CALcium

Red meat puts plaque in your arteries, and you get an under performing penis (1 millimeter artery clogs up).

Particles of matter exist as waves of possibility that OBSERVER EVEECT attentional changes the oscillate in and out of existence “708 times per second” (p. 183).

The OBSERVER EFFECT is capable of collapsing the wave of potentiality into physical existence.

99.9999% is energy wave potential energy frequencies (x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet waves, infrared waves, light waves, wifi waves, radio waves, and so on. We live in a radiating field of energy waves that we can use observer effect to collapse.

Our lived-body exists in energy fields and is composed of energy waveform vibrations. Our 37.4 trillion living cells are each cellpreceptors influencing energy waves and matter, in an energy field of information that together allows a teenager to lift a 3,000 tractor.

How did the two teen girls lift a 3,000 tractor off their dad? It was from doing a wave collapse different from their habit (cannot lift that). In quantum wave collapse, the teens got their cellular muscle cells in alignment, and have terrific strength. All the energy wave frequencies had energy coherence. It is a matter of getting the waves to synergize, and not interfere with each other

Figure 2 - When Waves are in phase they are more powerful, when they are in interference they are less energy force

Your heart beats 101,000 times a day, pumps 2 gallons of blood per minute, in 60,000 miles of veins in 24 hours to 25 trillion living cells executing 6 trillion functions per second (Disperza, 2014: 197). When you align the waveforms of your embodiment, all its living cells into aligned and harmonious wave of potentiality, then you can do things you cannot do when waves are out of phase (in interference with each other).

Figure 3 - Teens lift tractor off dad

All this high energy occurs before sensemaking (before the 5 senses), and it happens antenarratively in the quantum wave collapse. But you have to change your habit of thought. If you think, I cannot lift 3,000 pounds, then you cannot. But if you collapse different thought, a different action, a different habit will happen.

When you have a CANNOT DO IT though, the waves cancel each other out. When cells are in phase, you get a bigger energy wave force and power.

Sow a thought of wave potential and you get an action for more force. Sow the thought of same old CANNOT DO, and you get less power. Its a matter of attunement to a new patter of waveform possibility, and creating new action, new habit, new character, and new destiny.

Change your energy pattern and you change your waveform power.

William Kotke and E.F. Schmacher are who we read win sustainability course.

Soil is the basis of life. A plant-diet comes out of the life of the soil. “When the flow of energy comes from the sun to be consumed by the plant, this begins a succession of energy transformation called the food chain: (Kotke, p. 35). For two million years, humans lived in indigenous tribes, and were part of a web of life. They ate lean meat, and after becoming AGGIES, they had less meat and more plant-based diet. Then the Big Mac diet took hold, and ow the 5 headed dragon is killing people.

Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont

TEDx Talks

Figure 4 - The 5-headed dragon: 1. heart-disease (top killer of Americans), 2 & 3 breast cancer and prostrate cancer(soon to become top), 4 diabetes, and 5 obesity

Answer is plant-based nutrition

5 Dragon heads is 75% of American healthcare cost

When humans in past 200 years of industrial revolution and ag-factory farms, began to kill the soil, strip out the vegetation and the forest, then we killed the soil “Soil is the gut of the Earth” (Kotke, p. 26). We live of soil, grow food in soil, and it is soil’s microbe that living in us, those micro beings are important to slaying the 5-headed Dragon.

The soil is a micro-community, and a microclimate, that must not be allowed to be in soil exhaustion or soil collapse. We need to collapse a new soil wave function of food chain energy, that can feed the planet.

Beef production means clearing forests, killing the soil, and when soil collapse, the ground turns hard and cannot hold moisture, cannot support the biocommunity of life.

In New Mexico we have soil erosion and the micro-ecosystem is in trouble.

E.F. Schumacher says the role of economics has changed the “well-being of future generations” (p. 42). Adam Smith’s “invisible had” is a brutality, and exploitation of the Natural world brought on by individualism and its non-responsibility. That means producer and buyer-non-responsibility and irresponsibility that is a a Self-Deception. The deception is sowing the thought “money is the highest of all values” (p. 46). It is the ecosystem that is the future of generation and needs to become the highest value, so that we are fore-caring for future generations.

Spiritual Journeys I was born Catholic, and went to be trained by nuns in grades one to three. I went to church every day, to mass Monday to Friday, and Sunday, and to confession on Saturday. In my first marriage, I agreed to raise my children Lutheran and that my three children would never set foot in a Catholic Church. My mother-in-law hated her father, and he was Catholic, so none in the family could be that. I tired of the bondage, and went Pentecostal, but found the family and I had joined a cult, a corrupt one, when the pastor and his wife stole the building fund, and fearing a business professor might know accounting fraud, he told me one day before service, "God told me to leave this church, don't talk to anyone in this congregation ever again, and don't ever come back." Of course God did not tell me that, but I complied. A few years later, after the family fell apart (all our friends were in that cult), found out how the pastor had been ripping off the building fund, living the high life, we all paid for in our tithes. Decided to move along, and after the divorce and bankruptcy that followed, found Jainism, got remarried, and steer clear of churches, except an occasional Catholic mass (born into it, and no Jain temples around here). I did go on trips to some amazing spiritual places in India. Wow! Last 14 years, I took the journey to becoming a Shamanic practitioner ( We have group of shamanic drummers meeting once a month to take meditative journeys.

What is Spiritual Leadership? There are so many spiritualities, I prefer to embrace them all. To effect spiritual leadership, you need to develop your intuitional skills. Pravir Malik (2009) calls this development of the intuitional, a spiritual journey to increasing degrees of freedom, a Dharma kind of spiritual understanding and fore-caring.

Figure 5 - Fractal Leadership Development (from Pravir Malik (2009: 168).

Dharma is the principle of surrender to the cosmic order

Dharma has multiple meaning in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, & Sikhism . In Sanskrit Dharma is from root, dir, and means ’to hold, maintain, keep’ . “Dharma encompasses ideas such as dry, rights, character, vocation, religion, customs and all behavior considered appropriate, correct or morally upright” The opposite (or antonym) of dharma is adharma, meaning unethical, immoral, wrong, unlawful, or against nature. Dharma and Adharma are dialectical (opposite) forces (Wikipedia,

Buddhism - means ‘cosmic law and order; and is term for ;phenomena.’ Dharma is part of yoga.

Hinduism - it is the order that makes life and universe possible and includes duties, rights, was, conduct, virtues, and ‘right way of living’.

Jainism - it refers to religion and the purification and moral transformation of human beings. Key is the principle of motion.

Sikhism - it means ‘path of rightness’

I am Jain. Jainism means a practice of vegetarianism, nonviolence, and compassion (or fore-caring) for all life. Jainism accepts teachings of any spiritual school. The ontological meaning in Jainism is the six substances of reality. The jiva (soul, atman), and ajiva (non-soul), the inert non-sentient atomic matter (pudgala), space (akasha), time (gals), and principle of motion (dharma), and principle of rest (dharma). Dharma in Jainism is motion (not found in Buddhism or Hinduism). Opposite to motion is quietism and rest (dharma) of non-attachment.

Dharma substances of motion pervades the entire universe. Matter and souls are in movement, in medium of motion. Adharma assists substances like soul and matter to rest (Wikipedia,

The path to liberation is by the three jewels of Jainism: 1. rational perception (right belief), rational knowledge (right knowledge of true reality), and rational conduct (right conduct).

Karma - Jains believe that non-injury (compassion for all life) is the highest aspiration.
Ahimsa (non-violence)
Stay (truthfulness)
Asteya (not stealing)
Aparigraha (non-acquisition)
Brahmacarya (chaste living)

Sustainability requires non-acquisition, a diet for a small planet, respect for all life, and a caring for life.

Consulting is helping people and organizations find their fractal journey to increasing fore-caring relationships by developing human potential and socioeconomic progress.

Leadership is a surrender to the cosmic order by morally upright conduct.

This is something Pravir Malik (2009) calls fractal leadership. The fractal journey of leadership is physical-vital-mental-intuitional. We begin this journey out-of-the-box of traditional X-Y-Z (X=>transaction-transformational; Y=> will to power-will to serve; Z is one-voice (mono)-many-voice (polyphonic). To get beyond the XYZ leadership in-the-box, we need to understand fractality. In-the-box leaders apply existing game rules, then learn to mobilize players by emotion (charisma) or by reason, and then leaders move along to analysis of root causes (in consulting its hidden cost & dysfunction diagnosis), and finally there is a leadership to connect to openness at an intuitional (and spiritual level of holistic leadership.

Existential Decompression When Veterans come back from deployment, they are compressed, still in their war zone space, their war zone time, and their war zone is still mattering. Of course spacetimemattering, these are inseparable modes of Being-in-the-world. I do not mean Euclidean space, or clock time, or naive materiality. Rather, I mean when a veteran returns to the place and spacetimemattering of home, they are not arrived, and need existential decompression. This is often a spacetimemattering of being in Nature. Often the veteran returns to home-place, and is out-of-place, out-of-time, and still compressed (withdrawn, emotionally unavailable, unable to reintegrate with family and friends). We can understand these attunement process with the help of Corey Anton's (2001 work on Selfhood and Authenticity. Additions to Surrender Principle

Corey Anton (2001) offers four ways his work with intentionality can apply to antenarrative and the Surrender Principle:

First, our lived-body is not separate from Earth. Lived-body is already of Earth elements and we are as Paula Gunn Allen puts it, our body is already a walking planetary ecosystem. Our lived-body is in touch with world, being of world, connected by antenarrative lived-body is ‘directing-itself-toward’ world by modes of attunement, the connections with world’s own existential decompressions, of which we are also are in its decompressions (Anton, 2001: 29).  As a reviewer of Anton’s work puts it, “If Earth is to fall into existence it will require "events of existential decompression.” These world existential decompressions and of live-body, Being-in-the-world (Heidegger, 1962) are antepredicative. The human lived-body, the Self [and] World are  are happening through Earth's internal negations and its own existential decompressions.

Second, our antenarrative threads of attunement are sensemaking and how its being-intended or are in intendableness. Each antenarrative vector has a specific manner of attunement between living-body implicating our selves-being-toward what “emerges out from Earth’s existential decompression” (IBID.).  The antepredicative means to proclaim, declare, affirm, and assert.

Third, Earth’s existential decompressions manifest correlates of our everyday lives antenarratively in pre-conscious, pre-reflective, pre-analytic, pre-thematic, pre-narrative, pre-story, pre-abstraction, pre-schematic, and pre-discursive comportments of lived-bodies before, between, beneath, and bets of fore-caring in these modes: (a) operative intentionality of expressive meaning, and (b) intentionality of the act of doing mindless everyday coping (Anton, 2001: 31), in absorptive threads of lived-through transubstantiation (antenarrative fusion of both live-body and Earth) in receding awareness of world-showing-itself in lived-through unity of everyday comportments that are “antepredicative unity of the world and of our life” (Anton, 2001: 30). In Catholicism spirituality, transsubstantiation is transformation of substance into spirit. In philosophy, transsubstantiation is a material connection to the transcendent. In antenarrative, it is being antepredicative. Being antenarratively antepredicative, we do have reflective resources of comprehension (we may not be aware of), such as in the operative intentionalities and acts of doing that connect to transcendent structure of our consciousness in our own indigenous ability to engage reflexively and surpass “absolute facticity toward idealities of repeatability and essence” (p. 31). To me, this is the fractality and multifractality of our absorption in live-through patterns of self-sameness recurrence in the presencing of multifractals that we can learn to engage with critical thinking and critical interrogation.

Finally, our lived-through horizons of spatiality, temporality, and materiality are inseparable (spacetimemattering), the antenarrative (antepredicative) vectors spatializes spatiality, temporalizes temporality, and materializes materiality mattering in a multitude of antenarrative intentional threads (antepredicatively) by modes of attunement in fore-care over here and now. The meaning of freedom in human lived-bodies beings in relation to spacetimemattering. Anton asserts humans are in space, in time, and I add in mattering by which future possibilities are arriving and still moving toward us, as we decide how to collapse those waves of potentiality into event.  For example the classes I teach, and their class term team projects are about fore-caring for the world and our Selves, means choreographing (choreo means place) of live-body in Being of worldhood. This we do by improvisations to choreograph our antenarrative understandings and fore-caring.

Predicative - (Medieval Latin praedicātum, noun use of neuter of Latin praedicātus, past participle of praedicāre)

An ODE to the HANDS


The Swainson’s hawk came to me in meditation this morning. Because of human footprint on the planet, the Swainson’s hawk is a threatened species

USA person’s carbon footprint is 20 tons carbon dioxide per year compared

        1.1 tons for average person in India

        5% of world’s population in the USA create

        20% of carbon dioxide emissions &

        30% of the world’s resources consumed

      My body is always touching something?
      “We touch the world” (Anton, 2001: 33).

Question: What is your body touching here and now?
Make a list.  Write it down.

The Earth is always in contact with ‘Self’ [and] ‘Body’.
World Elements:
I stand on Earth’s ground.
I breathe in her air.
I keep her water in me.
I have the fire of 37.2 living cells of my living-body.

Question: What are ways your hands spatialize, temporalize, and materialize the lived-through World, your dwelling in the World, here and now?

As your hands move what becomes disclosed are things you are taking care of, things that are mattering to you, things you are Being-towards, things you are touching, moving, drawing near to Self, things you are dealing with, and things you are consuming.

As your hand opens a water bottle, turn on faucets, wash hands, drink, the water is touched. Drink and water enters lived-body, and touches 37.2 living-body-cells.

You move in your clothes, spatialize and temporalize, and materialize in clothes you are caring-for, living-through, clothes comport your attunement to things in the world. Your various project by your human power of spatializing, temporalizing, and materializing, the spacetimemattering (inseparability) is a DIRECTIONALITY, a DESEVERANCE (a de-distancing.

Figure 6a and b: Swords of DESEVERANCE

By your handy acts of Deseverance, you de-distance, drawing things near at hand to your Self. What your hands are handling is your lived-body disclosedness of things you care about, are involved with, are making, organizing, minimalizing, or just consuming.

Your hands are part of the Earth’s existential decompression. You move your hands in spatial decompression in forward orientation, pushing and in pulling orientation. In temporality your hands occupy the Self with things such as pens, cell phones, and so on. In bodily movements you point to thing. You brush things, comb things, and stir things with your hands. Your hands express directionality, desevering distances between you and things cared about.  Your hands dwell spatially, in touching and in moving thing through space. Your hands, handle things cared for in activities of handling.  Your hands make gestures to other, and are vehicles of storytelling.

Hands are haptic (relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception [means to take or grasp, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement]). We take hands for granted, how we don’t need to look at the hands, to do things, shape things, and grasp things.  If you take pictures or your hands and the hands of people somewhat like you, 9 out of 10 people won’t be able to identify their own hands correctly (Anton, 2001: 34). This is because our hands are already mobilized is “intentional threads” the fingers and hand hammering, cutting, shaping, forging, and so on in my blacksmithing. 

Our hands are transcendent, in flights of possibilities made possible by the movement of the hands in various specific projects

I grasp the blacksmith’s hammer
I am handy
I make metal handicrafts
My hands pound, push, pull, bend the metal, extend the metal, shape the metal, and welcome hands receive the metal (once it cools down).

The hand designs by intentional power or what Merleau-Ponty (1962: 106) calls “intentional threads”.  In Heidegger (1062) things are in “readiness-to-hand” or just laying about “present-at-hand” but not ready for handling (maybe they are the wrong tool for the task, or broken). When I get ready to make a Sword of Deseverance. I lay out the tools so they are ready-to-hand in the blacksmithing process. I choose the kind and gauge of wire to do handiwork upon.

I am ‘in-time’ (not clock time, but a primordial time of living now, a time before death, at time from my birth till death). I am handling and temporally dwelling in the Nowness, designing the artifact, the Sword of Deseverance. I attend to the angle of hand on the hammer, the angle of the blow, to make the thickness, hardness, and even the texture of the wire come to life. I organize with my hands temporally and spatially and materially which is inseparability called spacetimemattering.

Figure 7 – Sword of Deseverance comports the antenarrative before narrative plane and before story plane, in a future arriving

My antenarrative-handling this handicraft, is before narrative and before story, in acts of fore-having.  I move towards the ware, arrange the tools, brining things back into place, by human hands, things made by hand.

Right here and now, notice how the positional configurations of hands are made available to diverse ways are touching things, desevering the distance between hands and things, in the “ontological structures of the hand” (Anton, 2001: 36). Things your hand grasps, in fore-having, and then releasing. Things by handling are given meaning, by comportments of the hands. By handling you are caring for things or abusing thing, breaking things, having too many things you cannot possibly care for defines minimalism, is against simplicity. Too many things to handle, and things own you, your time to care for them, upkeep them, rearrange them,  spatializing them, find dwelling space for them.

Things you touch with your hands their touchableness, their relevance to your Self, your hand movements.

This is handiness of antenarrative, how it is pre-narrative, pre-story, pre-theoretic, pre-discursive, and still it’s an expressive choreography (choreo means place), in the placement of hands placing things into connection with other things.

This handy work is an existential decompression, a deseverance of all distance between hands [and] Nature. There is existential decompression in a handshake. Try it an notice as your lived-body moves through Nature (is always already in Nature), there is existential decompression.

We can relate Anton's Self [and] World's existential decompression to what the poet John Keats calls 'Negative Capacity.' It is Negative Capacity that is the basis of the Principle of Surrender.

Surrendering is a Negative Capacity. John Keats wrote about Negative Capacity in a letter to his brothers, George and Thomas (Dec 21, 1817). Negative Capacity is how we engage the unknown and unknowable. Keats wrote a second letter to someone called Reynolds. I will summarize it in my own words:

I am in a Mansion with many rooms, called TamaraLand (Boje, 1995).  All the doors to the room are shut, but two doors are open. One Is step into is call by Keats, the “thoughtless Chamber” and like a child I can remain there as long as I don’t think.  Finally, I do not care to hasten into the second open door. But I am imperceptibly attracted to its bright light, and I think, why not enter.  Keats calls this room the Chamber of Maiden-Thought.” I am intoxicated by the light and pleasant wonders, and I want to stay in this room forever. But then I think critical thoughts that sharpen my vision into the heart of the nature of Humans, and I notice the “World is full of Misery and Heartbreak, Pain, Sickness, and oppression” (IBID.). All trans dark, but I notice there are several doors open, but through each is a dark Passage.  If I keep thinking about those passages, I will want to explore them, shed light in them, and make discoveries. I decide to pick a door, and enter a dark pathway. I have no fact or reason to decide which door to go through.

Negative Capacity is this strange attractor, to go through a door that is an exit to a room called Chamber of Maiden-Thought, full of oppression and misery. I can collapse one wave arriving or wait for another one. Through one of the doors of dark passageway is the opposite pole, called 'Positive Capacity', rich in illumination and high in energy. I surrender, so that the doors open to me, are more inviting.  Surrender is positive cause even though the doors are open to quite dark passageways; there is hope of a new way of life. Surrender is the first step of moving towards freedom from the addicted organization in an addicted society. Oppressors cannot grant me freedom. I am the only one who can empower me. Every oppressor was once oppressed (Freire, 1970, click for pdf).

I surrender, by moving into existential decompression, since my lived-body is already of the Earth, and I am not separated from its ecosystems. I can look, watch, and listen, dong nothing but observing silently, so I can be antenarrating in the waves that are arriving futurally, and then with timing (Kairos), catch the wave that makes a different, and collapse it by observer effect into event-ness.

Roberto Unger appropriated Keats’ Negative Capacity term to explain resistance to rigid hierarchies and social divisions, “denial of whatever in our contexts delivers us over to a fixed schemata of division and hierarchy and to an enforced choice between routine and rebellion” (Unger, Roberto (2004). False Necessity: Anti-Necessitarian Social Theory in the Service of Radical Democracy, Revised Edition. London: Verso. pp. 279–280, 632. ISBN 978-1-85984-331-4.). In the society of the oppressed, Negative Capacity is key.

I can choose to not be in resistance or rebellion, and just wait to collapse the wave that makes the transformation of fore-caring, by not being in a rush to react, but. just being in awareness.

Augusto Boal’s (1979/1985, Click here for Free pdf) Theater of the Oppressed (basis of Leadership is Theater course I teach) is a way to empower ourselves in institutions of oppression. Noone else can empower you. The quest stage of leadership requires Negative Capability to attune to the fear, anxiety, turbulence, and then to switch to the negative of that, to the positive attunement to curiosity, understanding and to care. Keats called it the stage of “chief intensity” where a person of Negative Capability effects is Zen, in “fellowship with essence” (Benton, R. P. (1966). "Keats and Zen. Philosophy East and West". Philosophy East and West, 16(1/2), pp. 33-47). To directly oppose a bully with your own aggression is impracticable, and just escalates the conflict.

We can loosen the dialectic bonds of oppression (its will & counter-will) that entrap us by developing new consulting forms of economic enterprise, new forms of leadership and government, new forms of resilience and sustainability. We now have a knowledge economy highly efficient at surplus value extraction based on rigid work roles, hierarchy, top-down command and control. My once stable workplace, its division of task, has by academic capitalism, changed to a form of oppression.

The university keeps inventing more and more new restraints upon faculty labor, privatizing, reengineering teaching-learning processes, inflicting standardization, accreditation, outcomes assessments, digital measures, and so on.  A quick glance at the following factual trends in public universities, since 1980, reveals the downward spiral. After WWII, tuition was low to zero in public universities, but with the election of Thatcher in UK and Reagan in US, the state legislatures began to decrease support for public universities, and to increase tuition and fees.

Figure 8 - As State Funding for Public University goes down, Tuition & Fees increase (Oklahoma State).

I propose that NMSU do an analysis of long term funding decreases and tuition increases, similar to Oklahoma State, on of our Vision 2020 peer institutions. I hypothesize that student loan debt in New Mexico is increasing. Nationally it exceeds $1 trillion. Public universities in New Mexico trap students in tuition increases, higher loan debt, while delivering careers at low wages to work off the student loan debt.

Figure 9 - ROI for the 2020 Vision Peer Universities of NMSU

I hypothesize that the majority of recent NMSU and UNM graduates are underemployed, and working in jobs that do not require their degree training.

I hypothesize the NMSU and UNM graduates are waiting longer to buy houses, get married, and are having a tough time in the job market.
I propose NMSU and UNM do a student of the ROI in Public University education. The web sites indicates that NMSU has a 46% graduation rate, and UNM a 48% rate of graduation. I compiled a list of peer institutions. Only UTEL (38%) has a lower rate. I hypothesize that this explains the difficulty of NMSU in increasing its enrollment.

Neoliberalism is many different things, and it changes from decade to decade. Neoliberalism, as used here, means the idea that public education (K-12 & public university) are no longer considered public goods, rather they are consumer goods (those with the money can go to public school, public university). This is a huge shift from a Knowledge Society (WWII to 1979) to a Knowledge Economy (1980 to 2017).


Figure 10 - Neoliberalism and Student Loan Debt

I hypothesize that the poorer students in New Mexico public universities are moving farther away from the possibility of entering middle class living standards because the graduation rates (as reported) are at 46 to 48%.

I see several open doors in this darkened Chamber of Maiden-Thought. There is a severe risk that the oppression will clamp down harder and harder as the State of New Mexico cuts its budget again, and the Business College cuts funding to the Management Department where I work. It is fear, anxiety, and turbulence all around. I am lost in a sea of university red tape, paperwork, assessments, IRB permissions, certification quizzes, and signature requirements. Consumption of more stuff wont’ help me find freedom or my authentic Self. 

There is a dramatic drop in Full-time Tenured (tenure track) Faculty since 1980, while number of full time non-faculty and part-timers and full-time executives (VPs and Department Heads) has grown.

Figure 11 a and b: Decline in Full-Time Tenured Faculty with Rise in Part-Time Faculty(Adjuncts)

The principle of Negative Capability is a way to enter one of the open doors, and break free of the oppressive form of organizational arrangement in the Public University. For Unger, false necessity claims our socioeconomic world is an artifact of human endeavors, with some pre-set institutional arrangement that a business, university, or government must adhere to. The university is adhering to 'Academic Capitalism', treating the university as a business.

The are doors open, and gathers to take through a process of conflicts and resolutions. One of these doors is called Agile (Mgt 448/548), another is called Resilience (Mgt 375 BA /550), and there is a door called Leadership (Mgt 388). Each door is a pathway to a formative context without the constraints of the present system that has become anti-necessitarian way of Be-Know-Do (see 388 military project option). "The term academic capitalism is defined as “market and market-like behaviors on the part of universities and faculty” (Slaughter and Leslie, 1997, p.11). Market refers to for-profit activity and market-like is competition among faculty and institutions for Page 13 2 resources" (Bullard, 2007 online).

This next slide compares Operating Budgets of our Vision 2020 peer institutions (I think the UNM budget is understated, as I had to factor out the medical school.

Figure 12 - NMSU and its Peer Universities Operating Budgets

NMSU has been assuming that students come here because of football, basketball, and Pistol Pete fanfare. I hypothesize that the drop in enrollment is because NMSU is marketing the wrong ‘product.’ I propose NMSU market a higher graduation rate, being a minority-serving research two (Carnegie rated) university, and having substantive content in its courses of instruction.

Figure 13 a and b- There is a Sharp Growth in Administration (Management) versus Faculty at UC

Figure 14 - Then there is Football Coach pay scale

Surrender in Teaching and Learning The Principle of Surrender is a critical pedagogy (Freire, 1970). I need some help to move along to an open door. I am in the ZPD, Zone of Proximal Development. There are things I can do unaided, and things I cannot do, to put NMSU on an upsurge spiral towards care and health.

Figure 15 - Scaffolding is needed to move from what learner can do unaided to what the learner cannot yet do

Teachers give students a ladder up.

I need some scaffolding help to move along to those open doors, and passages going to, I know not where. I need some fore-caring processes.  I stop clinging to the struggle. Without Spirit, I become unhappy, miserable, and resentful. With Spirit, the oppositions dissolve because the boundaries are illusions.  As they say in AA and NA, trust in the Higher Powers. Use the energy of Negative Capacity for a higher purpose.

John Dewey cited Keats’ Negative Capability that is influencing his philosophical pragmatism of ‘intelligent action’ (Dewey, John. Art as Experience. New York: Penguin Perigree (2005):33-4; Kestenbaum, Victor. The Grace and the Severity of the Ideal: John Dewey and the Transcendent. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (2002): 225.; see Boje, 2014 on Dewey’s intelligent action).

The opposite of intelligent action, is habitual action without thought or awareness of how the game rules have changed. “No sensible person can work in a situation where the rules are changed without consultation” (  There are too many doors I can move through to waste precious energy and time, trying to serve on college initiatives that lack shared governance, or are dysfunctional in other ways. I see several doors to the other side of this oppressive situation. I surrender to keep an open mind enough to see the other side of the room I am in, and the doors marked Exit, though they go to dark passageways. Good people are in the room with me, and they are not pleased with the trickery.

Surrendering is an embodiment process. We can surrender to the world Embodiment (Autopoeisis capability - in exterior and interior sense of reflexivity; Verela & Maturana introduce autopoeisis, understanding self-creating powers of cosmos as a whole in all individual uniqueness reality demonstrates through). , I will follow American Indian poet, Paula Gunn Allen (2008: 143) in asserting the body is inseparable from Nature because our body is a “walking planetary ecosystem”. We live in “critter communities” and our body is conglomerate of critters living in water communities.

As Allen puts it, “I give back more than I take because it’s my nature to transform energy through this conglomerate of critters that I like to call my body” (p. 141). Allen says “feminine principles mean organizing ourselves around the idea of interactive communities” (p. 140): plant communities, critter communities, spirit communities, super natural communities, and human communities. From this perspective, the future of MOI-science is to adopt the feminine principle of ‘Native Science’ (Cajete, 2000), that our body-conglomerate-community-of-critters is interactive with many kinds of communities.

Our body is trillions of living critters, interacting with all communities of plants, microorganisms, spiritual community, and so on.  A group of scientists (Bianconi et al., 2013) estimate there are over 37 trillion living ‘human cells’ in the human body, which is 65% water ecosystem.  Besides the 37 trillion living human cells, there are ten times as many symbiotic microorganisms, microbes, molecules, and so on, that keep us healthy and fight off disease invaders.  All these trillions of cells is what Paula Gunn Allen (2008: 138) calls “energy becoming energy” in a transformation of a “Mandelbrot set”, a kind of fractal of recurring self-sameness (Henderson & Boje, 2015).

How do your surrender Self to the Earth and how do you and Earth negate the Self?   You are Embodiment, of Earth because you are of Earth (37.4 trillion living microorganisms, microbes, etc. inhabit your sack of skin). "Nothing separates my body from the world" (Anton, 2001: 20).

As a consultant-Self, you are silently taking notes, observing your client, observing the contingencies of their organization with SEAM COURSE MODEL DPIE Spiral, and Four Leaf clover (diagnostic map).As sustainability-Self you are perpetually in the overwhelm of complexity and chaos of the world, and attuned in 10 ways (see Figure above). As a leader in society, you are observing that overwhelm of complexity.

You are losing your Self in the observing. You distance your-Self from your body-sack-Self. You are part of the unfolding spectacle, and not separate from its choreography.

The root word of choreography, is CHORA (choreo), and it means 'place' (Anton, 2001). You are observing (silently) surrendering to CHORA=Place. This is how you negate the Self (your Self) in what I call principle of surrender.  You surrender by not having a list of questions to ask the client, the World, or some leader. you just surrender Self, and in surrender your perpetual negation of [your] Self contains the fall into waves of potentiality (in Greek, Potentia).  

How to Collapse many Waves of Potentiality into One Event? Now the fun part. You get to decide which of many waves of potentiality (arriving from the future) that you COLLAPSE into Being. Its part of quantum storytelling. Yes, you decide which wave of potentiality to collapse into once-occurrent EVENT of Being.  Being is capitalized because its Being-in-the World (Heidegger, 1962) of your own Self, now by observation collapsed one of many waves you could have collapsed, into one eventhood. In this way, you negate your Self (by not thinking of Self, rather just BEING-Self-EARTH) because you already are Earth, of Earth critters.


What is Embodiment of Self & Earth? "Embodiment refers back to a localized unfolding, a once-occurrent eventing of world [and] Self which meaningfully surpasses the total and absolute uneventful event of Earth" (Anton, 2001: 20, capitalization of Self, mine). 

Your embodiment is not a thing among other things, because you are more than thing, you are within Earth and of Earth, in CHORA=Place. As you distance your Self from Self in place, and get distance form Place, and then return to your own of earth-place, you are undergoing what is called 'existential decompression' (Anton, 2001: 19). Think of the veteran coming back from the theater of combat to reunite with family (spouse and kids, or just partners of some sort). They have been part of the military family, aware from CHORA=Place, now returned to HOME=Place, when they are acclimatized to overseas PLACE. It takes a walk in Nature, some quality time in Earth, to decompress. Animals help. I do work in equine-assisted existential decompression.

What is SpaceTimeMattering? It is a term by Karen Barad (2003, 2007). Spacetimemattering is one word because our Being-in-space of a Place (CHORA), is inseparable from Being-in-Time (not clock time, but time of your Life from birth till death, and your community from Birth to its Death, and Earth from its birth to death), and Being-in-mattering (all the 37.4 trillion living critters inhabiting on and body sack of skin, but deeper into the sub-atom, the quantum particles that make up atoms, cells, microorganisms, making everything living). We are Self-Earth-Life-Doing its conglomerate thing. By negating Self, we gain the world, forgetting about our conglomerate of living critter "doing bodies: (Anton, 2001: 19). When we are space-less, time-less, and matter-less, our embodiment is negated, forgotten, at a distance form Self, immersed in the full continuous upsurging and eventing of World [and] Self "co-disclosed, co-given correlation" (Anton, 2001: 19). This is known as ontological negation, and its a dialectical process. This dialectical spacetimemattering is not from Barad, its an insight from Žižek (2012), on dialectical materialism he sees in Hegel's dialectic, that Barad has yet to embrace. For Barad, spacetimemattering is an intra-activity of mattering with discourse (for me storytelling is big part of discourse). For Žižek (in the last 150 pages of the book), there is no '-' (no dash in intra-activity), rather it just intraactivity (no dash) because its dialectical. Same for Roy Bhaskar. For Bhaskar (2010: 9-10) the intra-activity is a dialectic process in a stratified ontology, of four planes, seven scales, and some ten system entities, which comprise laminated systems of complexity and fractality. Bhaskar (2010) proposes a tool to get at this, a DREIC Analytic Tool. DREIC is a set of analytic method steps:

D – Description: Description of some pattern of events occurring between leaders and identifiable complex open systemic phenomena of a society.

R – Retroduction: Retroduction means tracing the possible antecedent AGMs that may or may not be manifesting by the leaders in society practices (communications or behaviors).

E – Elimination: Elimination of auxiliary hypotheses, competing alternative AGMs.

I – Identification: Identification of AGM that is most likely the deep structural antecedent, constituted in quantum field in space, in time, in mattering (or what Barad, 2007, calls the inseparability of spacetimemattering).

C – Correction: Correction by iteration of earlier closed systemic research findings that were not attentive to AGMs.

more at

How this applies to courses I teach and learn from?

If nothing separates my conglomerate-critter-body ecology from the world ecology, then Anton’s claim and Allen’s claim, have amazing implications for the courses I teach this semester:

    1. Mgt 375v/BA 550 – sustainability development
    2. Mgt 388v – leadership in society
    3. Mgt 448 /Mgt 548 – small business consulting


In all three courses, the implication of Anton & Allen combined claim: ‘nothing separates my body from the world’ since ‘body-ecosystem is already world-ecosystem’!   Sustainability, leadership, and consulting courses, student projects, my teaching, their learning, must therefore attend to the combined claim: ‘body and word are inseparable.’

How fast is our body of conglomerate critters moving? Our body conglomerate of interactive critter communities, is a walking planetary ecosystem, on Earth that is spinning at 104mph, moving at 7,000mph around the Sun, in a solar system itself moving at 43,000mph along a spiral-arm of the Milky Way galaxy, which is itself moving at 515,000mph in the expanding universe.  MOI-science future has the potential to understand these speeds of movements within movements, in the quantum entanglement of non-locality. We can look from this cosmological set of movements within movements, and those kinds of mega distances, to the micro distances within the atoms of a human body, and the vast spatiality of entities body-conglomerate-communities interact with.

How much space is there between the electrons and the nucleus of an atom? If the living cell is composed of atoms, and those atom’s have a nucleus the size of a fly, plumb center of a football stadium, then the electrons would be the size of buzzing gnats, in the far away seats. 


How to do Co-Storying Exercise? To show the applicability of the claim, I will explore how an ice breaker exercise in theater training from the work of Augusto Boal (2002) shows up body-world connectivity in the three courses.  The exercise is done in pairs of walking critter-conglomerates called bodies. The pair of bodies, person A and person B, does not talk to each other before or during the exercise. Person B strikes a pose, and stays frozen in place while person A walks around person B, observing what is going on. What story is Person B telling by their pose, its body language, the gestures, the tension, all kinds of dramaturgy is happening. After person A has some idea of that person B is expressing, person A then creates a pose in relation to person B in order to express the next frame of the story. At this point, person B is unfrozen and can walk around the frozen pose of person A, and figure out what story is unfolding from the first and this second pose, and what could carry on the them of the story in the next scene.  Person A and person B are forces of nature and use what I call fore-caring to pull off a co-story, scene by scene, by acts of careful observation of the signals of intention. These signals since talking is against the rules of the exercise, have to do with sight, smell, touch, and taste (no kissing, just taste the air).

I will introduce fore-caring and then develop how it is used in the Boal exercise, in each course. Fore-caring is an antenarrative process (means its before, beneath, between, and bet on future antecedent to story or narrative cohering). Antenarrative fore-caring has four steps (not really steps, but easier to understand if I say steps):

Step 1: Fore-having is part of fore-caring in advance of something, preparing the way for it to happen. A mother and father in fore-having you prepared a place for you in the home, made sure when you crawled about you could not reach dangerous chemicals. Now you are fore-having by noticing what you notice about person B, and what intentions they are signaling by their pose, by their manner of dress, by the way they hold attention to this or that. You are caring in your fore-having, to not step on his or her toes, to listen to the inaudible signals.

Step 2: Fore-structuring is part of fore-caring in advance for a structure of give and take, turn taking in the present exercise, a dramaturgic structure of how to sustain a story in a co-telling. You are not just bodies, but bodies inseparable from world, and both you and partner B, are being-in-the-world. You are fore-structuring space by posing, fore-structuring time by turn-taking (not rushing your observation, taking time to note the intentionalities), and you are fore-structuring ‘mattering’, all the things that are ‘mattering’ such as things you each are wearing, props such as chairs you have available, or a table to stand on, or a book to pass between you, should that emerge as part of the storytelling yet to be told.

Step 3: Fore-concepting is part of fore-caring in advance. In this exercise, since you cannot talk, you will need to tune into other signals of concepting. What concepting are the clothes worn telling, the hair-do, and the direction the eyes are pointing, the way of the body language, its concepting. There are threads of intention expressed, and you as an observer, walking around person B’s body can try to decipher the signals. Shake a hand, but don’t move it, don’t repose person B. Let them stay in their pose. They are “self-directing-toward something” (Heidegger, 1982: 158, p. 29 in Anton, 2001). And you are self-directing toward, by the concepting of poses. When you shake the hand, without moving it, notice the temperature, the texture, and the way the arm pulls or pushes ever so slightly or not at all. You can read many signals in a handshake. Back to the clothing since this course is about sustainability. Is this a minimalist person? Or, is this a person with lots and lots of clothing? Is it dressing down, or dressing up? Clothing comes from Earth, by mining, harvesting, by manufacturing, by distribution, and by acts of consumption. A minimalist has a few clothing and jewelry items (30 to 50) total, and a person hooked on consumption, addicted to fashion, has that many pairs of shoes. Each fiber, each plastic, each metal piece, came from Earth. Nothing separates body from Earth. Nothing separates your walking critter-ecology-conglomerate from Person B, or you both from the Earth-critter-ecology. You breathe the same air. You are each 65% water, composed of 37.4 trillion critters, most of which are symbiotic microorganisms keeping you in well being, fighting the disease invaders.

Fore-telling is part of fore-caring. You are fore-telling what is the next scene by tuning into the person’s B pose here and now, and to what it is that is being signaled to you about the next scene. Fore-telling is about collapsing the many potential futures that are possible before you make your pose. Walking around, seeing all sides of the body of person B, helps in the fore-telling.  Have you heard of quantum physics? Do you know about collapsing waves of potentiality, observer effect of choosing one, to become event? That is what I call placing a bet on the future. It may not be the most obvious future, but placing a bet on some new, perhaps more sustainable or exciting future, and bringing it into Being.
Fore-caring and its constituent antenarrative processes can help in each of the courses: sustainability, leadership, and consulting.

Applicability to sustainability development course We assume a few ecological things. The body skin is open-porous with live microorganism critter intermingling. The body is not separate from world, not something else from world, not other to world. That is a reification of duality, a dichotomy left over from Cartesian thinking, and I suggest we reject dualizing.  Body already is earthy nature, embodiment. The Earth and Human are inseparable entangled ecosystems. Humans are walking ecosystems with waveform relational fields entangled in world ecosystem fields. Observation: ecosystems within ecosystems; Fields within fields, which are co-transforming life. Let’s do a Boalian theater training exercise. Person B strikes there pose, and without talking in words to one another, in silence, person A tries to observe all that can be observe about person B.  It’s called an existential decompression of both body and Earth, which are inseparable. What is decompression? Ever step outside, talk a walk in Nature, to decompress after a hard day’s work. What happens? Waves of stress leave your body and Nature does its thing, transforming the waves, as you forget your Self and enter Her waveforms. All those entanglements of Self in work, relationships, flat tires, and so on, just fade away. You are attuned to Nature, its waveforms, kinds of recurring self-sameness of its fern and tree branch patterns, or waveforms of seashore. Your body-critters are attuned, even if you mind is out of sorts. Now you be person A, walking around person B who is still frozen, telling you something no words can express. There is a co-story to be acted out, scene by scene. What I call ‘antenarrative’ (Boje, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2014) is already at work. An antenarrative is antecedent to any narrative or any story, such as the one you want to co-tell but don’t yet know. Antenarrative is before narrative, and it’s a bet on the future. Your bet now is that you and partner B can co-tell a story by communication intentions without actually using words.  Antenarrative is summed up by what my colleagues and I call ‘fore-caring.’  You and your partner are fore-caring, using antenarrative signals of intentionality, knitting the threads together to get that aha moment of sudden realization, and next frame of the story is intuitive, is apparent by gestalt revelation, and you strike the next pose. Don’t over think it, thinking does not really help.

Applicability to leadership in society course As you leaders walk around another person, in the first Boalian ‘leadership-is-theater’ exercise, notice you cannot see all sides of their body at once. Seeing is a light-proton-waveform. Explore how the body is unending plenitude of refracting waveforms registered by your eyes. Notice their eye within a face, the light waves of their eye, and see how the head tilts slightly, a finger nail within finger within hand, a knuckle within finger, and so on, exploitable depth richness of body you a seeing.  Notice the body posture, the comportment of the body and what is that body expressing? Shake hands, and touch the other’s hand. Linger a while. Notice how the flesh feels worm or cold, how the muscles of the hand are gripping or loose, how the arm is pushing or pulling, and the pulse. These are each waveforms of the fields of existence of two hands, in handshake. You may notice the waves of breathing, fast or slow, your breath and their breath co-mingling with the air of the Earth. Are your breaths in sync? Breaths disclose aspirations.  Walk around the person some more. Their body embodies intentional vectors and these co-mingle with your own intention self-to-other, and other-to-world, you’re self-to-world (Anton, 2001: 26). Observe how their body extends in space, in time, and in mattering. For now consider the mattering of things (worn, held, stood upon, sat upon, within building or room or outdoors).  Observe their clothing choices, the styles worn, the intentional threads of intention of a style, and disclosing relation to fibers worn to the Earth, where fibers and metals came from, out of the Earth, their distribution for consumption, for purchase, for gifting, and the person and you, are each fore-caring about clothes. Clothes are a part of leader and follow costuming in Leadership-is-theater. Clothes are part of leadership in society, and about mining, sweatshops, Big Box retailing, and the mall.

Applicability to consulting course Let’s continue the Boalian exercise of co-storying, when there has been no talking between the players. Observation: You as consultant, a character role, and always observing the client (another character role), walking around the client, seeing this side then another side, not seeing all sides at once. Did I mention that seeing is a waveform, protons, and we see a limited range of waveform, and to see others we need observational apparatus (x-ray, laser, cat-scan, and so on)? Observation: If leadership-is-theater then certainly organization-is-theater. You are a consultant to the organizational theater. You are a script transcriber, and a script co-editor with participants you enlist in change projects.  A job description is a script. A strategy is a script. A meeting has a script. Write these down. You have to transcribe the script in order to mirror it back to the client, and then work together to revise and amend it.  In your role as consultant you have a self, a “self-directing-toward” (Heidegger, 1982: 158, as cited in Anton, 2001: 29) the client, the client organization, the ecosystem of the organization.  This notion of ‘self-directing-toward’ is important because it’s an array of intentionality vectors of your own role as experiencer of client organization and all its things (events, structures, people, machines, buildings, technologies, processes, and so on). You are in a role called ‘consultant’ comporting your Self-directing-toward what I call a spiral upsurge, a waveform that keeps the momentum of change building upward spiral to offset and counteract the downward spiraling of the client into risk, ruination, deconstruction, or dissolution. The upward spiral forces and the downward spiral forces are in space, in time, in mattering of all sorts of things. Space-time-mattering are inseparable so we in the trade use the term ‘spacetimemattering’ from Barad (2003, 2007).  In your role as ‘consultant’ you are collapsing various waveforms into the event called ‘upsurge spiral’ formation. You are doing this by repurposing hidden costs and untapped revenues by engaging in a series of three spirals, stacked together, called the DPIE spirals. D for diagnostic of the theater-of-organization, P for project formation to transpose hidden costs and untapped revenues into upsurge spiral momentum, I for implementation of the project by one or more teams of conspirators demonstrating it can be done, and E for evaluation of the outcomes of the project vis-a-vie your initial diagnosis.

Figure 16 - DPIE in Consulting using SEAM

Consultants are always on stage playing so many different roles in order to change what Henri Savall (2000) calls the metascript. The organization is a Metascript in corporate practice is a collection of many scripts, collectively written, that specify what we say and do (Savall, 2000).  At the margins there is improvisation, but mostly we work in McDonaldized, Disneyfied organizations whose theatre is tightly scripted.

Figure 17: Public Universities are replacing skill full-time tenure and tenure-track faculty with less skilled part timers and less costly college faculty.

I have witnessed and experienced the decline in schools my children attended, in the universities where I worked, and still world. Our 2017 education organizations have been colonized, and the US risks having K-12 and higher education organizations of rigid conformity, mired in red tape bureaucracy, hierarchy, and digital-surveillance. It is a kind of triple virus of Taylorism-Fayolism-Weberianism (TFW) that has completely colonized the schools. Leaders are able to work within the TFW virus to bring about change. Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed gives us fore-concepts to attune to the fear, anxiety, turbulence that are part and parcel of teachers and administrators living an oppressed and colonized TFW existence.

TFW Virus a concept of Henri Savall, ISEOR

Figure 18: TFW Virus is fractal combination of Frederick Taylor's scientific management turned micro management of people as if they were machines, Henri Fayol's administrative order turned into surveillance mechanism, and Max Weber bureaucracy turned bureaupathology

Macedo (1971: 12) Introduction to Freire's book: "Oppressed people all over the world identified with Paulo Freire's denunciation of the oppressive conditions that were choking millions of poor people, including a large number of middle-class families that had bitterly begun to experience the inhumanity of hunger in a potentially very rich and fertile country. "

"The oppressors, who oppress, exploit, and rape by virtue of their power, cannot find in this power the strength to liberate either the oppressed or themselves" (Freire, p. 44).

For me (Boje) Freire's book gives me the hope that my SELF can begin the process of transcending the oppression TFW-SYSTEM of higher education and its colonized existence. Fear: the Self is in fear of freedom, and accepts the dehumanization of TFW virus, and works in organizations full of oppressive systems and situations.

How can my SELF be a leader in US public university that has power asymmetry of upper administration (& state legislature) that are colonizers and my colonized SELF on the periphery with less and less VOICE. I do it with the critical AWARENESS tools of Freire, so I can reflect upon an ATTUNEMENT to care and understanding so I liberate my SELF in AWARENESS of OTHER and ECOSYSTEM that I am swimming in.

Tonya Henderson's Triangle Fractal

Figure 19 - Tonya Henderson's Triangles within Triangle, a Fractal of recurring self-sameness

The SELF of a Leader can use Freire to Be in AWARENESS of their own Embodiment by attuning to Ecosystem and to Others. The Body in Henderson's Triangle is several triangle combinations at once.

BODY = SELF + AWARENESS because the self exists by its awareness of its embodiment

BODY = SELF + AWARENESS + ECOSYSTEM because the body is an ecosystem of trillions of microbiotic living critters in transaction and transformation with the macro-ecosystems of place, planet, and cosmos. What Paula Gunn Allen (2008) calls are walking planetary ecosystem is not one body. Rather it is a critter-conglomerate (See Boje's, 2017, Principle of Surrender).

BODY = SELF + AWARENESS + OTHER because to be a leader or a consultant or a person is to combine self care with awareness of the complexity that overwhelms everyone's life, and it means relating to others (people, events, things, entities). In 2017 the relation of Self and Other in Awareness of the overwhelming fear, anxiety, turbulence .... has to be counteracted with Awareness of how to attune body to being fore-caring for self and for others. Be in Awareness of Otherization. The haves have minimal Awareness of the marginalization of the have-nots.

BODY = SELF + AWARENESS + OTHER + ECOSYSTEM because the body is all these bodies together. We are a walking ecosystem of 37.4 trillion critters in transaction and transformation with Other body-ecosystems, in relation to the ecosystems of micro and macro scales. This awareness of zooming in and out, from microbiotic to macro-socioeconomic, to mega-cosmos scale, and back again, is what is called fractal.

Tonya Henderson's Triangle Fractal

Figure 20: We don't live in a 1 or 2 dimensional world (in triangles at left), and we living in more than 3D world (triangle at right)

Figure 21: The Triangles within Triangles (Spierpinski) Fractal is Moving, and the Systems of Oppression we Work in are Moving Triangle Fractals

We life in a fractal world that is many dimensions. Tonya Henderson's Self _ Awareness + Ecosystem + Other can divide and divided to form middle triangle above, then turn 3D as in triangle at right.

A Fractal is a recurring zooming in and out, of self-sameness. More on this topic, see Boje's studyguide on fractals, and books by Henderson and Boje.

Boje, David M. (2015). Change Solutions to the Chaos of Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations: Four Wings of Tetranormalizing. London/NY: Routledge.

Henderson, Tonya L.; Boje, David M. (2015). Managing Fractal Organizing Processes. NY/London: Routledge.

How can the oppressed overcome their own fear of freedom, find authentic SELF, and not become an oppressor? Paulo Freire's answer: the oppressed must liberate the oppressor as well as the oppressed from the oppressive organizations and situations most of us are in (Freire, p. 44).

"Only power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free both. Any attempt to "soften" the power of the oppressor in deference to the weakness of the oppressed almost always manifests itself in the form of false generosity" (Freire, p. 44).

More from this classic Freire book

In sum, the Principle of Surrender, is all about what wave of attunement we collapse into eventhood. We can collapse fear, anxiety, ambiguity, and turbulence, or we can just sit in those moods, do nothing but observe, but not yet act. Then when the right wave arrives from the future, we collapse understanding and fore-caring.


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