This Toolbox page contains the main tools you will need.

Boje's Small Business Toolbox

448/548 Small Business Consulting - using SEAM 'Socio Economic Analysis of Management' - updated Dec 23, 2015

Step 1: Prepare your Major Tools

  1. Read Small Business Consulting syllabus
  2. Get a Logbook, a 2-ring binder, where you put all you notes, and your qualitative, quantiative, and financial metrics for your project (see Boje's logbook above)
  3. Print out your Mid-term Check List   (what you need to get done by mid-term).
  4. Print out your Final report Check list  (what you need to get done by end of term).
  5. Print out SMALL BUSINESS APPLICATION (keep copy for your report)
  6. Print Confidentiality Agreeement (you sign it and give to client, put copy in your report)
  7. Print Client Rating/Grading Sheet for Student's Report (give to client to grade your report) 
  8. Bookmark - Report Template in Word that has most figures and tables you will need in it
  9. Read on line powerpoint intro to 448/548 course: click here for day one slides; click here for additional slides 
  10. SEAM Intro and overview (Study Guide with all six SEAM figures explained)

Step 2: Learn 4 Phases of your project

Step 4. Advanced Tools you don't need yet

  1. SEAM MASTER CODEBOOK and coding instructions for your notebook notes
  2. SMALL BUSINESS TOOLBOX (to help any small business)
  3. SEAM FOR SMALL BUSINESS (SEAM interactive overview)
  4. Hidden Costs(main figure for SEAM consultation overview)
  5. Know Figure Six - Psychoanalytic SEAM(deeper theory of SEAM for MBAs)