Quiz Six on Chapter 8, Axis C,Virtue Ethics, etc. ANSWER RED ONES ONLY(answers)

Policy Clarification: for your Exams: Your answer will only count if you have it in your NOTEBOOK, in verbatim field notes from interviews or transcribed form taped answers to questions. During group work on Exams, only those answers from student's notebooks will count towards their grade. The whole point of taking field notes is to do the actual field research for the SEAM analysis. The point of taking EXAMS is to prepare you for writing the report which is based on actual verbatim notes - D Boje Oct 1st, 2012.

Question 1: What is the Unifiying Field and the Law of Attraction creating Upward or Downward Spirals?

Question 2: What are the last 3 tools, Axis B, and give client examples of each?

Question 3: What are the 7 points of interest on Axis C, and give examples of the last four?

Question 4: From Virtue Ethics, two examples of justice from your client? Aristotle on Thought (AKA Practical Wisdom) (#6): "Now it is thought to be the mark of a man of practical wisdom to be able to deliberate well about what is good and expedient for himself, not in some particular respect, e.g. about what sorts of thing conduce to health or to strength, but about what sorts of thing conduce to the good life in general. This is shown by the fact that we credit men with practical wisdom in some particular respect when they have calculated well with a view to some good end which is one of those that are not the object of any art. It follows that in the general sense also the man who is capable of deliberating has practical wisdom."

Give 2 examples of Practical Wisdom (thought) you recorded of your client on tape or in actual verbatum field notes (no credit unless it is actually written in your notebook).

Question 5: What is the Value-Added Contribution that you (or your team) has made to your client this semester?

Question 6: What is the most significant learning you have mastered this semester?

We hope you have had value-added learning experience for you and your client- Thank you.