TITLE: Global Manufacturing and Taylorism Practices of Athletic Apparel Corporations and Their Subcontractors

There are some ten perspectives that come into play when you dialog about apparel corporations. We are calling for basic research to sort the wheat from the chafe (See chart below).  

CALL FOR RESEARCH - February 23, 2001 (original Sept. 23, 2000)

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To see Original Copy of Proposal Submitted to Nike Corporation (Note it is 125 pages long and takes a while to load). Our plan is to submit the proposal to each of the corporations in the Athletic Apparel Industry, and Get into the Field to see first hand what is going on in this industry.

This is a proposal to coordinate joint university researcher study groups,

sponsored by

International Academy of Business Disciplines,

Submitted to Ford, Turner, SA8000 and other foundations for funding.

We did not request funding from any Athletic Apparel industry logo-corporation or subcontractor. 

We are intending to present our research proposal to these and other associations:

The Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs, 
Academy of Management, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, 
International Association for Business,
Society for Business Ethics, and the American Accounting Association,
French association "De l'Ethique sur l'Etiquette,"
German Industrial Relations Association (GIRA),
International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA), 
Pacific Sociological Association

NOTE: This proposal is the sole work of the author (with 45 study group members' input) and is not endorsed by any journal, association, university, or any other institution. 

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