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Who is ADIDAS' CEO? Is it Steve Wynn, President of Adidas America? NO WAY. Few know for sure because Adidas does not engage in the same PR strategies as Prima Donna Nike, or Human Rights Champion Reebok. Check their web sites and you will see.  Nevertheless, Adidas does make the news.  Answer: Adidas is Germany's sportswear giant. The CEO OF ADIDAS is Robert Louis-Dreyfus. With his Harvard MBA, he downsized Adidas in 1993, closed down the European factories, and set up subcontracts in China. He is worth $390 million.
Adi-Dassler-Strasse 2
91074 Herzogenaurach
Phone: 49-9132-840
Investor Relations: Phone: 49-9132-842471 / 49-9132842920
Fax: 49-9132-842241

The adidas-Salomon AG stock registration number (WPKN) is 500340. The Reuters symbol is ADSG.F. The Bloomberg symbol is ADS.

WHAT IS ADIDAS' STRATEGY? When consumers find out what is happening Adidas will cancel their contracts and move along to countries such as China where there is even less resistance. This happened in El Salvador and in Thailand to cite two examples. This way workers can continue to slave in Dickensian working conditions. Check the Adidas FAQ or the Adidas CEO letter to shareholders (just facts on products and financials); you will see it is completely different than Nike's site, which defends every factory scandal every day.

WHO OWNS ADIDAS? - adidas-Salomon AG - SOGEDIM which is based in Belgium is 100% owned by ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING GmbH the shareholders of which are the members of the ADIDAS board of directors Robert Louis-Dreyfus and Christian Tourres (both from France), Mary H. Friday and Thomas Russell (botz from USA) and David Bromilov (Great Britain) (CCC).

WHAT DOES Adidas MEAN? Adidas combination of ADI the first name of the founder DAS first three letters of his last name, Dassler. The full name now is Adidas-Salomon AG.

DOES ADIDAS have A Code of Conduct? In 1996 Adidas signed  the International Football Association FIFA  Code of Conduct against child labor in the production of footballs and international unions (ILO) are doing some monitoring since July, 1st, 1997 (CCC). Currently there are more than 3,000 employees working at adidas’ two main operational centres, at HQ in Herzogenaurach (Germany) and in Portland, Oregon (USA).  12,433 employees work worldwide directly for Adidas. Hundreds of thousands more  work under what is called "STANDARDS of ENGAGEMENT"

COULD ADIDAS PAYING A LIVING WAGE? The figures speak for themselves.

ALL WE HEAR ABOUT ARE NIKE PROTESTS - WHAT ABOUT ADIDAS PROTESTS? If you only read the New York Times and Washington Post you will not find out about Adidas protests.  Go to Germany and the Clean Clothes Campaign is quite active (CCC). Adidas dominates the European Athletic Apparel market.



1920 - Adi Dassler made his first shoes using the few materials available after the First World War in his workshop in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg in Germany.
1928 - Athletes wore special shoes from Adi Dassler's workshop for the first time at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.
1948 - Adi Dassler first introduced adidas as a company name (named after its founder: 'Adi' from Adolf and 'Das' from Dassler). Adi’s brother Rudolph Dassler split and formed his own company called Puma. Horst (Adi's son) split off from his parents and formed a rival company in France; Horst took over the parent company in 1985.
1931- Adi Dassler makes his first tennis shoes.
1946 - The first Adi Dassler sports shoes produced after the war are made using canvas and rubber from American fuel tanks.
1949 - adidas is registered as a company along with registered the  Three Stripes logo.
Now 3rd ranking (may again be 2nd) producers of sport apparel (and equipment) behind NIKE and REEBOK. Has subcontracts with factories in 50 countries.
1978 - Adi Dassler died at the age of 78.Adi Dassler’s widow Käthe and his son Horst took charge of running the company.
1980 - Family-owned company was changed into a shareholding company (ADIDAS AG which to 95.9% is owned by the ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING GmbH and to 4.1% by SEBA INVESTMENT).
1987 - Horst Dassler, CEO since 1985 dies at age 51, leaving Adidas leaderless.
1989 Horst Dassler's sisters sold the company  to French Financier, Bernard Tapi for $320 million.
1993 (February) adidas acquired Sports Inc., a US-based sports marketing company founded by former Nike executives Rob Strasser and Peter Moore (Adidas).
1993 (April) - Robert Louis-Dreyfus the turn-around artist, accepted the position as President of Adidas. Adidas was loosing $100 million a year. He downsized the German staff (14,600 in 1986 to 4,600 in 1994) and went subcontracting to China with the pack. Once with 70% of the U.S. market share, Adidas’ fell to only 2% by 1993. As Louis-Dreyfus puts it, "All I did was borrow what Nike and Reebok were doing. It was there for everybody to see." See Wallace, 1997 for more history.
1995 - Entered stock market.  Flotation of the company on the Frankfurt and Paris Stock Exchange; Steve Wynne was selected as the new president and CEO of US-adidas.
 August, 7th, 1997 ADIDAS spends 13% of the proceeds on promotion (daily FAZ).
1996 - Adidas revenue jumped from $1.7 billion in 1992 to $2.8 billion in 1996
1997 - (September) 1997, Adidas purchases the French sports equipment group Salomon S.A. for $1.4 billion (shareholder capitalization is $3.6 billion, p. 8). acquires the Salomon Group with the brands Salomon, Taylor Made, Mavic and Bonfire in December 1997. The new company is named adidas-Salomon AG. Taylor Made clubs now owned by Adidas has an advertising contract with Tiger Woods. (See Kyle Bruns 1997, December Adidas Company Analysis; 2).
1998 - Dassler Family withdrew from the company in 1989, and the enterprise was transformed into a corporation (“Aktiengesellschaft”).
July 2, 1998 - (Reuters) Chinese dissidents sue Adidas, call for boycott "Adidas on Wednesday said it had stopped orders for soccer balls made in China while it investigated the allegations, first raised last month by Bao (founder of Voice of Human Rights in China) who said he personally manufactured soccer balls for the World Cup while in prison." ... ``Adidas knowingly used forced labor at the expense of the health and freedom of these Chinese citizens,'' said Joel Segal, an attorney with the Free China Movement which announced the lawsuit on Thursday (Vol 1 No. 2 July).
1999- ABC, 12/8/99 - About 50 Vietnamese workers went on strike at a company used by sports manufacturer Adidas after a worker was allegedly struck by Taiwanese supervisors (CCC).
1999 (January 20)- Adidas hires exec to tackle child labor HERRZOGENAURACH, Germany--Sporting goods marketer adidas-Salomon has hired David Husselbee as global director of social and environmental affairs. Mr. Husselbee, a British national, will move to Germany from Pakistan, where he worked for Save the Children Fund (MAI).

2000 (June 3rd) - 50 000 SUPPORTERS IN FAVOR OF LIVING WAGES IN THE SPORTSWEAR INDUSTRY- Wereldsolidariteit, together with many other organizations, managed to gather in two months time signatures and pictures of 50.000 supporters asking for living wages in the sportswear industry.... 15,000 turned out in protest ... As could have been expected the absence of Adidas was met with discontent. Adidas was catcalled by a large crowd during the final show. We're convinced that there would have been a better understanding of your position if you had taken the opportunity to explain personally the positive steps Adidas has been taken recently (CCC).
Osborn, Andrew  (2000) Adidas Attacked for Asian 'Sweatshops'. Guardian Unlimited. November 23.

Where are the factories? The GLOBE PROJECT is an attempt to compile a list of them.




Newspaper : Jakarta Post  Date : July 27, 2001

Title : Probation sentence sought for NgadinahADIDAS EMPLOYEE

A prosecutor asked the Tangerang District Court on Thursday  (July 26) to sentence labor activist Ngadinah to a probation period for  inciting other workers to join a strike. Prosecutor Eka Widyastuti said that  defendant Ngadinah should be sentenced to seven months in jail if she  repeated the same offence within a year.  The prosecutor said that the defendant had violated Article 335 of the Criminal Code on inciting others to commit "offensive or violent  acts", which also inflicted losses to the company where she works: PT Panarub, a  company that produces Adidas shoes.

Dressed in a blue long-sleeved shirt and beige slacks, Ngadinah listened intently to the sentence demand. She told presiding judge  Achmad Zaini that she would prepare her plea in the next session on Aug. 6.  She told The Jakarta Post outside the courtroom that her lawyers, Pardoman Simanjuntak and Lelly Gustinar, decided on July 3 to  withdraw themselves from the case in protest over the court's rejection of their  request to present expert witnesses: Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, criminal law  expert of the Indonesian University and HP Raja Gukguk of the Indonesian  Christian University.  Ngadinah said that the judges later granted the request to allow Harkristuti to testify in the hearing early this month, but the two lawyers still refused to continue handling the case. Commenting on the prosecutor's demand, Ngadinah, said it was the right of prosecutors to determine the length of the sentence demanded. "I am not shocked because I have seen from earlier sessions that all (legal) process is unfair," she said.  Tangerang Police arrested Ngadinah, 28, who had worked for PT Panarub for five years, on April 23 following information provided by company  human resource manager Slamet Supriyadi. Supriyadi filed a complaint with the  police that the defendant had forced other workers to join a massive strike  between Sept. 8 and Sept. 11, 2000, causing the company Rp 500 million in losses  during the four-day strike by 8,000 workers.  After spending four weeks under police detention, Ngadinah  was released on May 22 and was put under house arrest under guarantee of State Minister for the Environment Sony Keraff, Deputy Director of the Foundation of  the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute Munir and Coordinator of the

Commission for  Missing Persons and Victims of Violence Munarman.  Earlier, police charged her with violating Article 160 of the  Criminal Code for resisting authorities in public. However, the prosecutor then also charged her with violating Article 335.

GLOBE PROJECT: Find the non-disclosed locations of Athletic and Campus Apparel factories. Where are the secret Athletic and Campus Apparel factories? As soon as we systematically identify where they are, we can monitor what they are doing.  

We want to find comparable factories where working conditions are better. 

What are the condition of factories where New Mexico State University Campus Story buys its garments with our logo on them?

Contact if you know where they are.

El Salvador, Guatemala


Factory List

Hot Spots

Mexico is HOT HOT HOT


Working Conditions


 ACADEMICS STUDYING ... What are the Studies?

The Studies focus on the Way Women are organizing to demand LIVING WAGES, SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS, and COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. The Global anti-sweatshop movement is a WOMEN'S MOVEMENT. A reaction to male dominated global capitalism. We are studying this as a Global Movement:


GLOBE PROJECT - Find the Factories?




Professional Development Workshop by Academics Studying Athletic and Campus Apparel proposed for August 4, (Saturday) 2001 in Washington D.C.



Our Research Project includes Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc. and ATHLETIC and Campus APPAREL INDUSTRY. We seek to go beyond just the study of NIKE to look at Reebok, Adidas, and other players in Athletic and Campus Apparel. 45 Academics from around the world are meeting at conferences on two continents to get at several important research questions.

We submitted in October, 2000 RESEARCH by 4 Academic study teams to research Sweatshops in Athletic & Campus Apparel Industry
February 23, 2001 - We updated this proposal in February, expanding its focus to study the entire industry -- please comment on it   
Purpose of this site

adidas-Salomon AG Jan Runau Corporate PR/Global Public Relations Tel.: +49 (0) 9132 84-3830




SWEATSHOPS press release

MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECT BEING REVIEWED BY NIKE from Boje et al. September 16, 2000 And now in February, 2001 we make the proposal to foundations and the other corporate and campus logo purveyors.
See Academy of Management Showcase 2000 Session on "Time and Nike"



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