Enron's Board of Directors (Jeffrey Skilling & Kenneth Lay are seated)



Enron's Cast of Characters includes the Board of Directors, Executives, Employees, Customers, Investors, Wall Street Stock Analyst, Rating firms (Standard & Poors; Moodys; Dunn & Bradstreet), State Regulators (SEC, Justice Department), Politicians (in Bush Jr., Clinton & Bush Sr. administrations, as well as politicians in India, Dominican Republic, etc.), Villagers in India who were dragged by their hair by Enron security forces to make way for utility projects, and the Professors of the Business College who are complicit in training MBA accountants and managers to Enronize the public. The Enron Cast of Characters are part of what Grace Ann Rosile and I call, Metatheatre. The Metatheatre cast of characters accomplished alleged fraud by theatrical spectacle events designed to seduce spectators into the willing suspension of their disbelief.

Enron Cast of Character in Costume performing Metatheatre

Kenneth Lay in Carmen Miranda Character for Gala Event

Jeffrey Skilling in Character role performing theatre for Congressional Hearing

Skilling in Vader Costume for Enron Extravaganza Event

Rebecca Mark rides into choreographed Enron theatre event on back of HAWG

Jeff Skilling & Rebecca Mark on Santa's lap at Enron Gala 1998 Christmas party

Assistant wearing Mark-Mask rides into Gala event on Elephant as Rebecca gazes this spectacle

Andrew Stuart Fastow pleading the 5th Feb 7 2002

Michael Kopper admitted in federal court he carried out a scheme with his boss, Andrew Fastow

Note how the FOX News channel characterizes Watkins. Yet plenty of people in the village blew the Whistle before her.

RAISE A CHILD OR A FRAUD. It takes a Village Cast of Characters of Raise an Enron. One purpose of Enron Metatheatre is to script a set of scapegoats (Some WorldCom executives in handcuffs; the once heroic Fastow, Skilling, & Lay; & of course those Arthur Andersen accountants who drove the getaway car). In this way the megaspectacle of political sandal known as ENRONGATE does not escalate into WATERGATE. Currently the public Enronization spotlight is cast upon Arthur Andersen, and not Enron executives, who forced to testify, would name names in high places. Historical dramaturgical analyses of Enrononomics Metatheatre and Antenarratives (click on menus at top of page for definitions) suggests that there is a good deal of revisionism going on, as the former superheroes of the New Economy (frame) are restoried and recast as the super villains.

Cast of Characters of the Bush Administration who are linked to Enron


This is David Boje and Grace Ann Rosile. We are part of the Enron Cast of Characters. We train the accountants and managers of Enron and Arthur Andersen; We are Business College faculty. On March 12, 2002, Daniel Quinton Boje (David's Dad) died (78 years old).. He was an entrepreneur, inventor, and a gold prospector in the forests of Oregon. Daniel asked that his son, David, a business Professor, study the connections between the Cast of Characters in Figure 3 and the Whitehouse push for pipelines in the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve, and the Post-9-11 War on Terrorism; "David" he said, "this war is about oil."

December 2000, Dad called, “David, I want you to research connections between the Whitehouse and oil; I don’t like what President Bush is doing to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.”[i] He had worked in the late 1950s around ANWR repairing U.S. early warning defense installations. Dad called again, shortly after September 11th, “David, I want you to research the relation between oil contracts in the Gulf War[ii], and in Afghanistan, and the escalated War on Terrorism.”[iii] I flew to visit him, and explained, “Dad, I study Nike and Disney storytelling; I am not an oil industry economist or political scientist.” He said, “You work in a Business College, this is about business.” I finally agreed to do the analysis. Dad died before I could share with him those oil-Whitehouse-war connections that now are so very obvious to you due to the Enron debacle.[iv] I know this deathbed promise is why I reviewed over 9,784 Enron stories (Figure 3) for their critical dramaturgy, for this talk. Dad refused to be silent.

But the Enron cast of characters have been recharacterized, frost from superheroes of the New Economy, then after the collapse to the victims of Arthur Andersen accountants, and so you see it does not much matter what one dead 78 year old man believed; the media spotlight is turned on by a new megaspectacle, the collapse of Andersen, and the Enron cast of characters or the Whitehouse cast of Enron characters is no longer any great public concern.



Date: September 21, 2002

Authored by David M. Boje, Ph.D. - copyright 2002