Pin a Green Ribbon on your Gown when you Graduate!

 I took the Green Pledge  

I ___________________ pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve Green aspects of any organization for which I work. I am graduating from

NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY on this date ________________________.

Please email to add your name to Pledge List.

It's great you are involved in the graduation pledge concept. What we mean by "Green" is a commitment to doing all you can do in your workplace to be green. That means implementing recycling, reduction, and reuse. It can also mean promoting Green Accounting practices.  See See Talloires Declaration of University Presidents

Taking the Pledge article by Eric Eldon, WireTap June 12, 2001- Thank you from Office of Sustainability and Sustainaiblity Council of NMSU

For more info on "The Pledge Alliance" (press here) or, Earth Charter (press here), Peace Studies Program (press here).

(Press to see pledge list from New Mexico State University}.


Please print out this certificate and post on your wall