David Boje & Robert Dennehy's
Managing in the Postmodern World
1st Edition 1993; 2nd Edition 1994;
3rd Edition September 2000.

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You may copy for free and use in any teaching or training setting at no charge. You have our permission to copy. It was written as an undergraduate Intro to Management Text, but has been used at all levels, including in Management Training at Trader Joe's.


What is Postmodernism? Tutorial

Glossary of Postmodern Terms

NON-INTRO Non-Intro Clegg's foreword

Chapter 1 Intro

Chapter 2 - Planning

Chapter 3 - Organizing


Chapter 4 - Influencing

Chapter 5 - leading

Chapter 6 - controlling


Copy these chapters for your students. Or if you have a Kendall Hunt Copy (1993 or 1994) just copy what you need for free. Bob and I bought up the rights so we can give them away. Why pay for knowledge?

Teaching Material  SITES Press forTeaching SITES

For Teaching and Learning Resources
to Accompany the book:
  • Consult home page for more chapters as I get them done - D. Boje (press here).
  • For an overview of where  Boje and Dennehy's Managing in the Postmodern World book fits in my map of the Postmodern World of texts (press here).
  • Press Here for Glossary of Postmodern Terms
  • If you need a sample syllabus from which to fashion your own, borrow what you need (press here). You may need some teaching resources:
    • For a case on Nickerson Gardens Meets Popular Mechanics (press here).
    • For a case on Deconstructing Nike Corporation (press here).
    • For a case Deconstructing Disney, get Boje, D. M. 1995. "Stories of the Storytelling Organization: A Postmodern Analysis of Disney as 'Tamara-land.'" Academy of Management Journal. 38(4): 997-1035.
      • * Reprinted in The History of Management Thought. Marta Calas and  Linda Smircich (Eds.). To be published, June, 1997. Dartmouth Publishing Company.
    • For a case Deconstructing Reengineering, get Boje, D.M., Rosile, G, Dennehy, B, & Summers, D.1997. "Restorying reengineering: Some deconstructions and postmodern alternatives." Special Issue on Throwaway Employees, Journal of  Communication Research. 24(6): 631-668.
    • For a deconstruction of TQM, get Boje, D.M. & Winsor, R. "The Resurrection of Taylorism: Total Quality Management's Hidden Agenda," Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 6, No. 4 1993: 57-70 (Click here to get your free copy mailed to you)
      • 1. Reprinted in Ledelse I Dag, a quarterly Danish management publication  (1996).
    • For a deconstruction of the Learning Organization, get Boje, D.M. 1994. "Organizational Storytelling: The Struggles of Pre modern, Modern & Postmodern Organizational Learning Discourses, Management  Learning Journal, Vol. 25 (3): 433-461.
    • For a deconstruction of Steve Robbins OB text, get Summers, D., Boje, D., Dennehy, R. & Rosile, G. 1997. "Deconstructing the Organizational Behavior Text," to appear in Special Issue on Postmodern & Critical Theory, Journal of Management Education, 21(3): 343-360.
    • For a deconstruction of Administrative Science Quarterly, get Boje, D.M., Fitzgibbons, D. & Steingard, D. "Storytelling at Administrative Science Quarterly: Warding off the Postmodern Barbarians." In Postmodern  Management & Organization Theory, pp. 60-94. D. Boje, R. Gephart & T. Thatchenkery (Eds.), Sage Publications, 1996.
    • For a deconstruction case of a Choral Company and publishing, get 1998. Boje, D.M., Luhman, J. & Baack, D. "Choral Company Stories.: For publication in Journal of Management Inquiry in October, 1999 (Karen Golden-Biddle, Associate Editor.) For advance copy (press here).
  • For an overview of Postmodern Organization Theory (press here).
  • For an MBA/Ph.D. level text, get Boje, D.M., Gephart, J. & Thatchenkery, T. 1996. Postmodern Management &  Organizational Theory. 383 pages. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications For more info (press here).
  • For contrasts of postmodern, poststructural, social construction, and critical theory consult a more advanced treatment from my qualitative research methods course (press here) for map and (press here) for that syllabus.
  • If you want student guides to doing story deconstruction (press here)
  • and for three Affirmative Deconstruction approaches (press here) and for three Critical Postmodern approaches (press here).
  • If you are in a Management Class and want to do the Greenback approach to service learning (press here) for Rosile's Primer Manual and (press here) for Rosile's service learning. Have fun, just cite your source, and copy as many as you need.
  • For weekly updated teaching materials for postmodern management (press here)

  • Drop me a note and let me know if this is at all useful or what I can revise to make it a better read for you (press here) for Boj.

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