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"This Article Has an Interesting History"

David Boje

Here is the chronology:

First I wrote an article on the plight of women in Nike factories in Vietnam.

Boje, D. M. 1998f Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory or Cruelty? Women's Stories of Asian Factory Life Journal of Organizational Change Management. Vol. 11(6): 461-480. This article was part of a special issue "Strategic Dimensions of Organizational Change and Restructuring in the Asia Pacific: Part II, Concerns of Local Stakeholders", guest edited by Usha C. V. Haley (see editorial, pp. 458-460).

Second, I got a request to reprint this article in a book, as a chapter in Usha C.V. Haley's (ed.) as Chapter 26 in the (anonymous publishers') book to be titled: Strategic Management in the Asia Pacific : Harnessing Regional and Organizational Change for Competitive Advantage.  

    1. Barry, David's (1999) (press here) presentation to the Discourse and Language Conference at Ohio State University. Barry did an analysis of Boje's  1998  "Nike, Greek goddess of victory or cruelty?: Women's stories of Asian factory life" article and has his own unique perspective on Nike (press here) to see Barry's analysis.

Bottom Line, MCB publishers will never publish another Nike article.