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Nike Workers have no time for sports
While consumers and sports-spectators associate Nike with fast and powerful athletes, it's no surprise that not everyone associated with the company is a Marion Jones or Tiger Woods. In fact, some Nike factory workers find everyday activities, let alone sports, to be daunting challenges.

.When you work sixty hours a week making sneakers in an Asian or Latin America factory and your friends disappear when they ask for a raise, it is not so easy to be a sports-spectator.

Two prime examples: At Kukdong, Nike's partner factory in Mexico, women who asked for fair wages, no worms in their food, and their own union. These women were physically beaten and given bruises and black eyes for asking for basic human rights you and I take for granted. It's a familiar story: young girls set out on a magical journey of adventure, seduced by Nike partner ads for better jobs, only to find that things they value most are living without terror.

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