Nike Labor Practices
Postmodern Collection of Nike Photos

This is a postmodern act of poetics. I juxtapose Activist Art with Nike's Art and Photos. This thought Guy Debord was a way to use art to raise consciousness, and to set up a tension that vibrates. - D. Boje

"Photo" by-Paul Kitagaki Jr. This is a critical postmodern juxtaposition of two types of Nike images: graphic icons and photos. One by and cultural artist and the other by an Oregonian News photo journalist, covering the enrollment of New Nike women on their first day at work. Another is a womon sewing a Nike shoe. You can do your own juxtaposition of these images with Nike's claims and advertising images.

"Slavery" by-Paul Kitagaki Jr. On the left is an activist's artwork. On the right, a photo of mealtime in a Vietnam Nike factory. Few fans if any are used in lunch rooms so that workers will stay at work. So with images like these, Nike Inc. is forever resisting a story that gets told by such images.

"Animated" art by web-activists is quite popular and can be found throughout the web.

"The Scream" by-Paul Kitagaki Jr. In China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, it is alleged women work till they drop. Young girls and women 16 to 25 work 14 to 16 hours a day with one or two days off per month. The photo on the left is the "Nike Scream," attempting to shout something, I can not hear. On the right is a young girl, I would say, napping with others, on a lunch break, soon to be over.

Tiger Woods and Nike

"Piss on Nike" Dara O'RourkeDid is the activist image on the left.On the Right is a photo of a Nike worker using toxic glue applied without face mask, gloves, or adequate ventilation. In Indonesia there are seven toilets for 10,000 workers. Piss on Nike is one cultural artist's statement about Nike. Nike spends a good deal of money to put forth a wholesome American, sports, and entrepreneurial image to its public. The cultural artist messes with the face, the faciality of Nike, to put some wrinkles in the skin and zoom in features, better seen at a distance. 

"Nike Animated" Gabby Reece "If Looks Can Kill" is the title of the Nike-Reece poster. Contrast that photo with the images of Nike's working young women. Nike Goddess have different facial poses.

"Knight and Moore" Click Here

Nike's Claims it will now meet OSHA health and safety standards, allow labor organizing, promote micro-enterprise loans in some countries, and allow on-site NGO monitoring. I do hereby volunteer to go on tour to photo and story the contrasts. P.L.A.Y. Participate in the Lives of America's Youth.



Nike is countering the Activist art challenges with claims of substantive changes in its labor practices.  Question: Does Activist Art Make a Difference?

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