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David M. Boje
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I have been keeping track of Nike and activist claims and counter-claims on the web for the some time now. I have noticed that while the web sites below on occasion move a site, the basic investigative reports and archives of news articles and press releases remain in tact. However, in the past several months, Nike has revamped its public image. There were major reports such as the Amos Tuck wage study, speeches, press releases used to legitimate and rationalize non-living wages, these have been withdrawn (I left the id of the original site location for the record). As I indicate below, I believe this is because there was such major critique of the methods and claims that Nike has withdrawn the site. I also can no longer locate it at Dartmouth. However, should you need a copy, contact me, I have the original.

NIKE In The News (press here)
Nike Storytelling and the Stockmarket (press here)
Academics Studing Nike Main Site (press here)

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Oregonian Newsfiles has an archive of photo and journal reports on Nike.


VietGate (Once had 453 Nike matches, but has fewer recently)


Key Reports on Nike

Keady's Repoint on living on $1.25 a day on Nike sweatshop wages

YouTube Keady's NIKE SWEATSHOPS: BEHIND THE SWOOSH " Using Nike as a case study, the film documents first hand the widespread and oppressive and exploitative labor practices in the developing world."

ESPN Sports Zone Coverage of Nike during Olympic Games


AMRC/HKCIC Asia Monitor Resource Centre and Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee Hong Kong, "Working Conditions in Sports Shoe Factories in China Making Shoes for Nike and Reebok", September 1997


Brookes, Bethan & Peter Madden. "The globe-trotting sports shoe." Christian Aid 1995. (Full Report).


Where is the Amos Tuck Wage Study? Calzini, Derek, Jake Odden, Jean Tsai, Shawna Huffman & Steve Tran. "Nike, Inc.: Survey of Vietnamese and Indonesian Domestic Expenditure Levels." Field Study in International Business The Amos Tuck School November 3, 1997 was until recently located at -http://www.nikeworkers.com/dartmouth/-

Note: Nike has taken this report off its web A summary of the report can be found at http://www.tao.ca/water/nike/msg00028.html and a Dartmouth summary at http://www.thedartmouth.com/issues/102597/10.22.n.nike.html

The study, I believe has been removed from web circulation, because it has been widely critiqued for methodological flaws, see http://www.corpwatch.org/trac/nike/tuck.html and http://www.summersault.com/~agj/clr/alerts/nike_latest_trac_dart.html and http://www.ainfos.ca/98/jan/ainfos00191.html and http://www.tao.ca/ainfos/A-Infos98/1/0189.html and my own empirical analysis of the original data http://business.nmsu.edu/mgt/handout/boje/bnike/index.html I have attached two nike press releases and a copy of the original study (C) as appendices (these were links before nike removed them from their own web site). Again, I have the original of the study, including all the numbers from which the tables of the original report were composed.

CBS News 48 Hours transcript, October 17, 1996. CBS News. (c) MCMXCVI, CBS, Inc. Transcript of Roberta Baskins on site visit to Nike in Vietnam


Connor, Tim and Jeff Atkinson "Sweating for Nike" A Report on Labour conditions in the sport shoe industry. Community Aid Abroad Briefing Paper, No. 16 - November, 1996 (Full Text).


Ernst & Young. "Environmental and Labor Practice Audit of the Tae Kwang Vina Industrial Ltd. Co., Vietnam." January 6, 1997.


Knight, Phillip. "Remarks at Annual Shareholder's Meeting." Oregon Convention Center. Portland, Oregon. September 22, 1997 (Full text). -http://www.nikeworkers.com/remarks_knight.html- Nike has removed this item from the web.

Massey & Mihalay. "Nike press conference call, Final Report from the Amos Tuck School of Business November 3, 1997 -http://www.nikeworkers.com/amostuck_school.html- Nike has removed this item from the web. See appendix A.

Mixon, Vidette Bullock. "Remarks at Nike, Inc. Annual Shareholder's Meeting." Oregon Cenvetion Center Portland, Oregon. September 22, 1997. Director of Corporate Relations and Social Responsibility of the General Board of Pensions and Social Responsibility of the United Methodists Church. (Full Text). -http://www.nikeworkers.com/remarks_mixon.html-Nike has removed this item from the web.

Nike Financial History (1997). Look at financial history.


Nguyen, T. "Nike Labor Practices in Vietnam" Vietnam Labor Watch report. March 20, 1997 (Full Report)


O,Rourke, Dara. "Smoke from a hired gun: A critique of Nike's labor an environmental auditing in Vietnam as performed by Ernst & Young." November 10, 1997 (Full text).


Young Andrew and Hamilton Jordan. "The Nike Code of Conduct" report. Good Works International June 27, 1997. (Full Text).

http://www.digitalrelease.com/release/goodworks.htmlIf you do not use frames go to http://www.digitalrelease.com/cgi-shl/showcomp.pl?noframes|@goodworks

-http://www.nikeworkers.com/sourcematerials.html-Nike has removed this link from its web, but still refers to the study itself in its FAQ site.

CBS Nike Scandal


China Report


VLW Report Thuyen Nguyen flew to Vietnam and began his own investigative study of Nike labor practices.


Walking Ghosts


Multinational Monitor (can be used to find a comparison company to study such as Monsanto, McDonalds, etc.)


Academics Studying Nike Main Site (press here)
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