Resources Page (for students enrolled in 448/548 at NMSU)

Teaching Assistant: Spring, 2009-  Joe Gladstone

Course Instructor: David M. Boje, Ph.D. 


i. Get an overview of this process: SEAM - Socio Economic Analysis of Management overview), then look at how we are adapting SEAM to SMALL BUSINESS. Learn the 4 Leaf Clover Model of SEAM so you can apply it in your project. Please print Short article on Metatheatre and SEAM. by Boje & Rosile

1. Click on image above for large size to use as outline and exhibit in your report

2. Purchase the Notebook, Student & METATHEATRE INTERVENTION MANUAL. It has templates and forms like the following example:

3. Read Article in El Paso Times about Small Business Consulting at New Mexico State University. ; see more current news about the course at

4. Small Business Consulting syllabus

5. Understand that your SEAM project is in three phases. Phases I (Diagnosis) and II (Mirror Effect) are due by midterm. Phase III (Experiment) takes place during last half of the term. 

6. Print out your CODEBOOK so you will know the codes to build your own figure 1. This is a list of the codes you will use to analyze your field notes. Each student (even in a team) keeps their own field notes and is graded on making computer entries into WEBCT of coded excerpts from their field notes. Coding is easy. Highligh key phrases and stories in your notes, then assign one of the codes to it, by writing in the margins of your notebook.


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