Theatres of Capitalism

Managing Corporate Spectacle, Resisting with Carnival, and creating Festival on the Global Stage

To be Published by New Jersey: Hampton Press

David M. Boje, Ph.D. November 13, 2001; Revision May 2, 2003

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Act 1 The Bet

Scene 1 Antenarrative Theatre  

Scene 2 10 White Cadillacs & Spectacle 

Scene 3 What types of Spectacle?

Scene 4 What is Capitalism?

Scene 5 Postmodern & Critique of Capitalism

Scene 6 What is Corporate Theatre?

Scene 7 Enron & The Septet

Act 2 Theatres of Action

Scene 8 Disney

Scene 9 McDonalds

Scene 10 Las Vegas

Scene 11 Post-11

Scene 12 Enron

Act 3 Rescripting Theaters of Capitalism

Scene 13 Festive Work

Scene 14 McTheatre

Scene 15 Festivalism

Act 4 The Climax

Scene 16 Conscious Capitalism

Scene 17 Theatrics of Leadership



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