(Revised: 11 September 2010)

MKTG 610: Marketing and the Scientific Method
Reading Assignments

Instructor: Dr. Michael R. Hyman, Stan Fulton Chair of Marketing

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Writing Scholarly Articles


Doctoral Student Perspective


Writing Better


Value of Publishing

Career Strategies

Introduction to Research

Bayesian Analysis

Survey Methods

On-Line Research

Psychophysics and Levels of Measurement

Attitude Measurement

Question and Questionnaire Design

Response Error

Question and Questionnaire Design--Basic Texts

Qualitative Research

General Background and Basic Philosophy (read as desired)

Basic Texts

Focus Groups

Cases Methods

Other Methods

Marketing Examples

Data Coding, Analysis, and Write Up

Historical Research


Marketing Examples


Standardized/Syndicated Data


Marketing Research Ethics

Sensitive Topics

Data Presentation/Graphical Display/Data Handling

Literature Reviews/Meta-Analysis

Supplemental Books

Logical Fallacies

Texts on Better Writing