Matching Funds

Many companies have matching gift programs to encourage employee philanthropy. Your gift could be matched dollar for dollar by a contribution from your employer, effectively increasing the value and recognition of your gift at no extra cost to you. Check with your employer. If you would like more information about the Corporate Matching Gifts Program, contact James Buckles. You may also search the Foundation’s website to see if your organization can provide matching funds for your gift.


Directed recruitment of faculty and students is essential. Recruiting and retaining excellent faculty who are actively engaged in the learning process of the students helps ensure that they benefit from an education rich in research, attention, and personal experience. Continued focus on recruiting the best and brightest students will ensure that “all boats rise” within the college.

Faculty Development

Our faculty need more opportunities to fully integrate into our community and serve as a resource. Consequently, they must travel to enhance their skills and excel in their fields. The Faculty Development Fund provides faculty with opportunities to grow intellectually and practically by representing the College at nationally and internationally recognized conferences. Resources for such types of activities are limited by state and private funding.

Endowed Graduate Assistantships: $2.5

A Graduate Assistantship endowment will assist our nationally recognized programs with international recruiting for Master and PhD-level students. Our goal is to provide five graduate assistantships at $100,000 each for each of our departments.


Graduate Assistantships

Support graduate students who work in the classroom or laboratory to help defray the costs of obtaining a graduate degree. Research continues to be an important component of the educational experience. The College must expand its research and creative activity base to serve the land-grant mission of extending knowledge into economic development and improvements to quality of life.

Directed Learning

We are committed to provide this much-needed dose of reality through directed learning experiences gained in Arrowhead Center projects and through several capstone classes. The Arrowhead Center focuses on incorporating an entrepreneurship component to the curriculum of every business student. Through the center, students are given the educational background to unlock their unique entrepreneurial creativity, have a greater understanding of the free enterprise system, improve the quality of their lives, and dare to dream and succeed at owning their own business.