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Scholarship Opportunities

NMSU Scholar Dollar$

Be sure to fill out the applications to be considered for all University, College, and Department scholarships.
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  • March 1 for the following academic year.
  • Watch here for a later deadline for new freshmen.

Apply for ALL scholarships at NMSU’s ScholarDollar$.

The application serves all NMSU students, regardless of college or campus.

You do not need to apply for individual scholarships; ScholarDollar$ matches your online academic data with the criteria of all scholarships available through the College.

External Scholarships

There is two scholarships " AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students" and " Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting Scholarship Program" and below is the details for both and the link to apply to each one of them.

Competitive merit-based awards up to $5,000. Awarded per academic year.

Requirements: Available only to full-time undergraduate and graduate minority students. Granted primarily based on merit (academic and personal achievement); financial need is evaluated as a secondary criteria. Minorities are defined as Black, Native American/Alaskan Native or Hispanic.

Apply Here

The award amount ranges from $1,500 - $2500, with limited scholarship awards for top candidates up to $10,000.

Requirements: Must be of Hispanic background, a US citizen or legal permanent resident, be pursuing a degree in an accounting or finance related field, have a minimum cum. GPA of 3.0, have completed at least 15 undergrad credits and be attending a US accredited community college or university full-time.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Insurance Studies scholarships. Available through this college and external agencies. Application deadlines vary.

PGA Golf Management scholarships. Available in addition to NMSU and COB scholarships. Application deadlines vary.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Students who are residents of WICHE states may be eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.

Graduate Scholarships

We offer grad assistantships and specialized fellowships through individual graduate programs and the McCarter Research Award. Refer to your academic program for specific information and application procedures:

Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). Students of some western states may be eligible for in-state tuition through WRGP.

Helpful Tips

Before Applying
  1. Check your Academic Transcript in myNMSU to ensure your info is up-to-date (class rank, major, GPA).
  2. If your major is listed incorrectly, talk to the Advising Center.
  3. Read the COB Scholarships and Criteria List provided above for scholarships you may qualify for.


During the Application Process
  1. Answer questions fully.
  2. Use essay questions to provide additional info.
  3. Specify the nature of your participation in university/community activities. Were you an officer in an organization? What responsibilities do you have as a member? What exactly did you do if you performed community service? Evidence of recent activities is preferred.
  4. You can mention specific COB scholarships in your application form.


After Applying. Scholarships assigned to a major are generally awarded by the department for the major. Scholarships available to any major are awarded through the Dean’s Office.

  1. Some scholarships require that you be working at least part-time to qualify. Before the scholarship can be awarded, we would need to confirm you are employed.
  2. Some scholarships require you to submit a short essay related to the donor’s criteria. In these cases we will request an essay.
  3. Some scholarships are specialized (e.g., for students completing an internship). To identify eligible students, Dean Ashenbaum will send an email to find out who will have an internship during the year since you may not know when you submit the scholarship application.