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Exception Requests 

Request an Exception to College of Business Academic Rules


On occasion students find it necessary to request an exception to university rules relating to academic matters. It is generally desirable that these requests be submitted to the Associate Dean-Academics (575.646.5431) in writing.

University rules exist for a reason, and exceptions can only be granted in situations where there is a compelling justification. It is not sufficient to say that you need an exception to graduate in a timely manner or to avoid some financial ramification. Explain why you did not or cannot comply with the rules.

Keep in mind that it is your obligation as a student to read your email. This is our primary means of communicating important information.

Incomplete or poorly written requests will not be considered.


Complete the   Request for Exception to Academic Rules  form. Completed forms may be submitted in hard copy to the Academic Associate Dean in the Business Complex, room 129, or sent from your NMSU email account to Associate Dean James at .

Please include all requested information on the form, including:

  • Name
  • Aggie ID number
  • Phone number
  • Major
  • Statement of the exception being requested
  • Explanation of the justification for the exception, including why you did not or could not comply with the rule.
  • Use correct business English, provide all pertinent details concerning your academic situation:
    • Examples: How did the problem arise? Why do you think your situation merits special consideration? Why could’t the problem have been prevented?