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Name the College or BC Building

The Business Complex (BC) Building: To achieve our mission, we must be active in the community and provide quality services and education to students and the community at all levels. 

The BC building houses the Deans’ and professors’ offices, our computer lab, face-to-face and distance education classrooms. The building serves as a hub for student, faculty, and administrator activities when we gather to promote and celebrate excellence in teaching and learning. With its various student lounge areas and meeting rooms, the building serves as a gathering place for students to study individually and in teams.

The BC naming gift will endow a fund to provide student groups, faculty, and staff with financial incentives for providing continuous, first-rate service and recognition to the College.

The College: For 50 years, the College of Business has graduated individuals who have made their mark in the U.S. business community.

We are noted for our personal attention to students as well as our excellent faculty and leadership on economic development issues throughout New Mexico. We have also established innovative programs in technology, entrepreneurship and directed learning.

A transformational gift provides an endowment fund to further increase the College’s stature and helps ensure that we can begin to bridge the gap that exists with faculty salaries which are below those of our peer institutions.

Your gift will allow us to increase faculty productivity, attract prominent faculty and staff, improve student programs, and become one of the leading providers of business education in the country.

     Building Complex in 1986